Silestone Vs Caesarstone: Which Is Better?

Silestone Vs Caesarstone: Which Is Better?

Caesarstone and Silestone are two top brands of quartz and both offer a very large library of quartz colors. So, how do you decide the best brand of quartz countertops for your kitchen? The first thing you must do is to learn the differences between the two brands of quartz countertops.


Introduction to Caesarstone

Caesarstone is considered the original engineered quartz countertop manufacturer. The company was formed in 1987, and its headquarters are in Israel. The quartz countertops are renowned for their stain and heat resistance. Several textures, finishes, and edges are available, which will give your quartz countertops a custom look. Caesarstone offers a number of design collections, including its Concetto Collection, that incorporates semiprecious stones like tiger’s eye and agate into the countertop.


Introduction to Silestone

Silestone is an engineered stone provider who manufactures quartz countertops. Silestone is based in Almeria, Spain; however, it has manufacturing facilities in America. One of the main advantages that this countertop company offers is its amazing bold colors.  Silestone is renowned for offering a large variety of color options. The countertops are incredibly durable and offer excellent stain resistance and heat resistance.

Mohs Hardness Scale

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Design Versatility of Quartz Countertops

When you are shopping for quartz countertops, you want the versatility to create the kitchen of your dreams. Design versatility includes the color of the countertops, the edge profiles, and the finish options. Silestone offers the largest number of color options, which ensures that you can find the perfect color countertop for your kitchen. Conversely, Caesarstone offers more finish options and edge profiles, allowing you to customize your countertops.

Caesarstone offers 53 colors and three texture options (smooth, satin, and matte) while Silestone offers an astounding 142 colors and three texture options (smooth, suede with small pores, and volcano with large pores.


Silestone and Caesarstone Slab Size Options

Silestone is available in both Jumbo (63 inches by 128 inches) and standard (55 inches by 120 inches). This countertop comes in 1.2 centimeters, 2 centimeters, and 3 centimeters thicknesses. Caesarstone is available in a standard slab size of 56.5 inches by 120 inches. This countertop comes in 2 centimeters and 3 centimeter thicknesses.


Warranty Information on Silestone and Caesarstone

Each company offers a warranty on its engineered stone countertop. For example, Silestone provides a ten year to fifteen year warranty depending on the countertop chosen and the dealer. Conversely, Caesarstone provides a limited lifetime warranty. It is important to note that homeowners typically do not use their warranty. Quartz countertops are easy to maintain and will look good for many years to come as long as they are correctly cared for.


Caesarstone and Silestone Average Prices

Silestone ranges in price from $50 to $70 per square foot. Conversely, Caesarstone ranges in price from $60 to $80 per square foot. Caesarstone is imported; therefore, the difference in price is due to the cost of shipping.


Quartz Composition of Caesarstone versus Silestone

Quartz countertops contain natural quartz, resin, and pigments. The quartz content varies between countertop manufacturers. Silestone quartz countertops contain at least 90 percent quartz and 10 percent resin and pigments. Caesarstone countertops contain at least 93 percent quartz and 7 percent resin and pigments. The variation is minimal and does not affect the durability, feel, or look in these countertop brands.


The Creation Process of Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are manmade. This engineered stone contains quartz, polymers, resins, and pigments. Once the countertop has cured, it will feel similar to granite and other natural stone countertops. The appearance of the countertop can vary based on the grind of the quartz. If the quartz is finely ground, your countertop will have a more uniform appearance. Conversely, if the quartz is coarsely ground, your countertop will have a flecked appearance.


Stain, Scratch, and Heat Resistance of Caesarstone and Silestone

Quartz countertops have a low water absorption rate, which makes them resistant to staining. The resin used during the manufacturing process is petroleum based, which means that it can react with certain chemicals; however, under normal use and cleaning, it will never be an issue. Solvents like Windex, Lysol, vinegar, and bleach have high pH levels, and can potentially damage countertops; therefore, these substances should not be used. In addition to this, scouring pads and abrasive cleaners should be avoided because they can dull the countertop surface. Instead, use a mild soap and warm water when cleaning your countertops.

Quartz countertops are incredibly scratch resistant and have a Mohs hardness rating of 7. However, Silestone and Caesarstone countertops can scratch or become dull. Avoid dragging heavy items or ceramic items across the surface of your countertop. Abrasive pads and cleaners can scratch your countertops. If a scratch does appear, contact a countertop repair specialist for assistance.

Many homeowners believe engineered countertops have the same properties as natural stone countertops. One common misconception is that quartz is heat resistant like granite. This is untrue. The resin that binds the quartz countertop together discolors when exposed to high temperatures. You should always use a trivet for all hot pots and pans to prevent damage.


Is Caesarstone Better than Silestone?

Many people wonder which engineered stone countertop is best – Caesarstone or Silestone. The answer is it depends. Both types of quartz countertops provide you with a durable surface that looks similar to natural stone. Silestone looks more like quartz, while Caesarstone appears more like marble or travertine.


Are Caesarstone and Quartz the Same?

Many people wonder if Caesarstone and quartz are the same. The simple answer is yes. Caesarstone is an engineered quartz countertop that provides you with a beautiful and durable countertop surface that looks like natural stone.


Silestone vs. Caesarstone vs. Corian

Homeowners often mention Silestone, Caesarstone, and Corian when discussing engineered countertops; however, these surfaces are quite different. Corian is considered a solid surface countertop while Silestone and Caesarstone are considered engineered stone countertops.

Silestone and Caesarstone are comprised of 90 to 93 percent quartz suspended in binding resins. Corian, on the other hand, contains 66 percent natural minerals like bauxite and 33 percent acrylic resins. Corian has a dull appearance and appears flat. Caesarstone and Silestone are lustrous thanks to the embedded quartz, which gives it a three dimensional look.


Cleaning Instructions

Caesarstone and Silestone countertops should be cleaned daily to ensure the countertops remain looking great. Proper care and maintenance will is vital to beautiful countertops. Cleaning your countertops is as simple as 1-2-3.

First, wet a sponge or soft cloth with warm water and add a drop of mild dish detergent to the sponge/cloth. Wipe the entire countertop down using a firm, yet gentle pressure. This cleaning should be done whenever you spill something, and each time you clean the kitchen.

If anything is allowed to dry on the countertop, you will need to use a plastic putty knife to scrape off the dried food. Use gentle pressure and hold the putty knife at an angle. Try to get the edge of the putty knife under the dried on food to coax it to release from the countertop.

Finally, use a countertop cleaner that contains a degreasing agent. When shopping for a countertop cleaner, ensure that it is safe to use on quartz countertops. The cleaner should not contain bleach and should have a neutral pH level.


Caesarstone and Silestone are engineered stone countertops that will transform your kitchen. These countertops are absolutely stunning. One of the main reasons that homeowners choose engineered stone countertops for their kitchen and bathrooms is how easy it is to care for your countertops. The countertops do not require routine sealing. Simply wipe down daily with a damp cloth to keep your countertops looking amazing.




Coffee Maker on Quartz Countertops?

Coffee Maker on Quartz Countertops?

If you are anything like me then coffee is your daily ritual that is likely to never escape your indulgences. I love coffee and for that reason, I am writing this post. A lot of people are emailing me asking about a coffee maker on quartz countertops. Will it stain if spilled, will the coffee maker cause discoloration or even worse cause a crack?

Quartz countertops are supposed to be stain-resistant, waterproof, heat-resistant, durable, you name it, but you hear stories from friends who stained or burnt their quartz countertop with a coffee machine or simply spilled coffee on a quartz countertop and it caused a stain.

Don't ditch your coffee maker just for your quartz countertops. There are ways to prevent this from happening. Quartz is only stain-resistant and not stain proof however if you spill coffee on your quartz countertops you aren't going to have a stain…unless it is left for a long period. The goal here is to keep your countertops clean and free of clutter which reduces the likelihood of ever staining.

Keep reading to answer some of the most asked concerns about quartz countertops – its ability to resist coffee stains and burns.

Why Are Quartz Countertops So In?

Quartz, also known as “engineered stone,” is one of the hardest minerals on earth – making it an ideal option for durable countertops. Furthermore, it's a man-made, engineered surface manufactured using magnificent quartz crystals along with other minerals and pigments along with an amalgam of resin.

Here are some of the reasons people love quartz counters:

  • Wide variety of colors mimicking the look of natural stone.
  • It is resistant to stains, unlike its counterparts.
  • More durable countertop compared to natural stone.

Does Coffee Stain Quartz?

I won't drag this much, but as we all know coffee has a rich, dark color that could stain anything. Luckily, quartz countertops are by far one of the easier types of countertops to maintain. However, it's important to bear in mind that your quartz surfaces are stain-resistant, NOT stain proof. If you do not wipe up staining coffee, it could settle and stay persistent.

But that does not mean you panic every time there is a spill. Along with occasional wipeouts of your spilled coffee, it's always a good idea to maintain the cleanliness of the surface to keep them looking brand new and flawless.

With every problem comes a solution. Regular upkeep is very simple. For daily cleaning, all you need is a microfiber cloth and warm soapy water or you can saturate your quartz counters with a glass cleaner and let it sit for a few minutes once or twice a week for a deep clean.

Now, you must have an idea of how to take care of not only your spilled coffee but regular clean-ups too. However, since quartz is a valuable crystal, it is important to avoid any harsh chemicals to increase its durability. Doing so can weaken the bonds between the resins and quartz crystals. Hence, it's highly recommended to use gentle and non-abrasive cleaners. What kind of cleaners are considered to be harsh, you ask?

Here are some must avoid chemicals and advice:

  • Do NOT Use Abrasives
  • Do NOT Use Acid
  • Do NOT Use Alkaline Cleaners
  • Do NOT Use Bleach (extremely watered down may be ok)
  • Do NOT Use Drain Cleaner
  • Do NOT Use Oven Cleaner
  • Do NOT Use Dishwasher Rinse
  • Do NOT Use Oily soaps
  • Do NOT Use High temperatures When Cleaning
  • Do NOT Use Knives – This will cause stains to penetrate easier


Will A Coffee Maker Cause Discoloration Or Burn Quartz?

In the kitchen, you have appliances like coffee makers that can cause quartz discoloration if they're placed on top of countertops for long periods. That is if they produce a lot of heat. If you have a coffee maker on your quartz countertop that is purchased for home use then you are probably ok but it is best to prevent things from ever happening so we strongly recommend the use of silicone trivets under any of your countertop appliances that produce any heat.

Just like stains, these countertops are heat resistant but NOT heat-proof, so the counter can expect the counters to cause discoloration or even burnt stains if they are exposed to too hot appliances like coffee makers

Fortunately, a steaming mug of coffee, a warm plate of food or a coffee maker on quartz countertop surfaces isn't going to cause a problem. But the problem arises when it's kept for prolonged periods to high heat which can eventually lead to discoloration on the countertop. Quartz countertops should be safe as long as hot items don't exceed 300F, but it's better to avoid the risk. Moreover, suddenly placing something hot on the surface can also cause cracking because of the thermal shock.

Hence, it's not a bad idea to stay a step ahead and take extra precautions to protect your quartz countertop by first putting down a trivet when you put anything hot on it – and that includes coffee as well.

With that being said, check out this silicone HotSpot Large Trivet that you can keep under your coffee maker to avoid any possible damage.

Besides all this, what if you've already discolored your kitchen surfaces? Unfortunately, there is very little that you can about it. It is possible to fix discoloration in marble and granite, but sadly quartz doesn't possess the same feature. The best you can do is to hide with kitchen appliances so it doesn't ruin the whole look of your countertops.

Will A Hot Cup Of Coffee Hurt Quartz Surface?

As mentioned above, quartz is heat resistant, but if the temperature gets too high, there is a possibility you can damage the quartz countertop. To make this clear, the problem lies in the resin and not the quartz. When making countertops the natural quartz gets combined with a special resin that acts as a glue. As a result, the quartz surface is made up of nearly 93% quartz with the rest being the resin and pigments. One instance that you will want to watch out for after you become a homeowner with quartz countertops is ring stains.

That means if your hot cup of coffee exceeds that temperature you can damage the quartz in the long term. This happens mainly because the resin burns due to the high temperature of the hot cup of coffee. To avoid this, use small trivets before keeping your hot cups on the countertops. Remember, it's not just applicable for hot cups of coffee, you must use metal or silicone trivets for every hot object you place on the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, most people aren't educated on quartz countertops. For that reason, here are top burning questions to save you from any quartz-related disaster.

Do quartz surfaces easily scratch?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. Did you notice the pattern here? Any concern related to quartz comes to a single solution – it can resist it to an extent, but there is always a limit that you need to take care of. Hence, the same applies here. If we look at the bigger picture, quartz is the most durable counter surface you can purchase primarily because it contains 5% of polymer in the manufacturing process – making it scratch resistant under normal usage. However, it is not indestructible, and let's be real, any surface can be damaged with extreme abuse. To keep its shine, it is recommended to use a cutting board when using knives and carefully move sharp and heavy appliances.

Do I need to seal my quartz counters?

No, since quartz is made up of non-porous material, it does not require any sealing whatsoever. In simple words, you get to enjoy maintenance-free counters for the rest of your life and what else could you possibly ask for?

Can I damage my quartz surface with regular use?

Quartz is an incredibly robust and durable material – which means it is highly unlikely that you will cause any harm unless you are roughly using them. Regardless of anything, daily usage will not damage them in any way. However, as with any of your other household surfaces, there are necessary precautions mentioned above that you may want to take into consideration when using your quartz countertops.


If you are anyone who only wants to enjoy a cup of coffee without having to fear regular surface maintenance then quartz countertops are without a doubt, your best bet to go. Among all the other materials like granite or marble, quartz has proven to be the most long-lasting. But to maintain its luxurious and polished look, never place your coffee maker or even a hot cup of coffee directly on the surface. However, it is understandable that taking these precautions may seem daunting at first, but all it takes is keeping trivets and you are all set to enjoying your time in the kitchen.


Problems With Quartz Countertops: Read This Before You Buy

Problems With Quartz Countertops: Read This Before You Buy

Thankfully you have a resource like to lead you in the best direction and to educate you on the problems you may have with quartz countertops. Continue reading this if you have been considering the purchase of quartz countertops. You must educate yourself first.

Quartz countertops are relatively new, but they have a loyal group of customers because of their great qualities. The wide range of colors and patterns and their durability are all appealing. But, these beautiful slabs of quartz come with their own issues or problems. Poor manufacturing, hard to remove stains, cracking, and fading of colors are all something new owners of quartz countertops have to contend with. These issues can be frustrating and ruin the experience of purchasing the countertops in the first place.

However, there is a ray of sunshine. The most prominent issues have solutions. Where there are no solutions, there are preventive steps to keep your countertops looking new. Read on to the following quartz problems, and how you could fix, or even prevent them from happening.

Price Issue

Deciding to install quartz countertops is not something to be chosen lightly. They are expensive and require training to install. On average, a high-quality quartz slab is around $125 per square foot to install and purchase. If modifications need to be made, the cost will only go up. For example, sink cutouts, special edging, and other enhancements add complexity and cost. To estimate the cost of countertop installation, you need to know the square footage and the countertop space. If a homeowner wanted a 25 square foot countertop, it would cost them between $2,500 and $4,000, depending on the materials they want and installation fees.

Installers carry out a number of modifications during installation. Some of these modifications are:

  • Fabrication – Professionals cut and smooth the slab to the needed shape and size. The measurements are very precise, and the more complicated the shape of the slab, the pricier it could be. This step of the installation process is highly important. It can and will look odd, or not fit the countertop correctly if this step is not done right.
  • Adding Supports – Areas that need extra support, or do not have cabinets will need it installed. That reduces the risk of the countertops breaking or cracking. This involves adding extra wooden beams to the wall or securing them to close by cabinets.
  • Leveling – This is an important part of the installation. Installers can raise or lower the level of cabinets as needed. This lowers the risk of the countertops cracking and makes sure it is all smooth and level.

The price of installation is for good reason. Don't fall for a contractor who promises high-quality materials and a low price.

Discoloration Problems

Nobody wants to see it. The appearance of staining, dullness or discoloration is something no owner of a quartz countertop ever wants to see. Sometimes it could be assumed that the sealant was incorrectly applied and resulted in damage to the quartz countertops. The first reaction might be to call the installer of the countertop and complain. Sometimes the stains can be removed and the discoloration will only be on the surface of the countertops.

The most common reasons for discoloration to quartz are:

  • White spots from harsh cleaners – Unfortunately, this is permanent. There is no solution to fix the marks left behind from chemical cleaners.
  • Soap Buildup – Residue from soap often remains on cleaned surfaces and requires rinsing and wiping with water to remove it. To figure out if it is soap residue look at if the surface is oily, streaky, or dull. If it can be scratched off or rubbed off with a cloth, it is most likely soap residue. To avoid this happening, use soap in moderation and completely wipe the surface clean. It is important to completely remove soap residue before it dries; afterward, it can become even harder to remove. The use of denatured alcohol is great for cleaning quartz. Be sure to mix it half and half with water.
  • Hard Water – If your water source comes from a well, hard water is probably familiar. Because of the iron, calcium, and magnesium in the water, it leaves deposits on the quartz. These spots are like the ones that appear on showers. Hard water deposits are ugly and difficult to remove. In fact, it is often so hard, that sometimes people believe that their countertops are permanently damaged. Removing hard water deposits can be removed with some hard work. There are cleaning products made just for this situation. However, it is important to choose a product that is safe to use on quartz countertops. An often suggested solution, Ammonia, is one of the worst things that could be put on quartz. It would certainly damage the countertop. To prevent this from happening at all, make sure to wipe up the hard water before it has the chance to dry.
  • Color fading from exposure to sunlight – This issue is mostly to be worried about when installing quartz in an outdoor setting. There is little to worry about with indoor quartz countertops, as they are UV resistant. However, outdoors, the sunlight can be much harsher. Fading will result, with darker quartz being especially prone to this.
  • Manufacturing defects – These can appear as lines, rough spots, white spots, or other irregularities in the color or pattern of the quartz. These defects cannot be fixed and the manufacturer or installer will have to be approached.


Heat or Burns Issues

Quartz countertops are heat and burn resistant, but only to a certain point. Most quartz countertops can theoretically handle up to 400 degrees F. But, by subjecting the countertop to a swift change in temperature, they could crack.

Another scenario is if you have removed a hot pot from the stove-top. You cannot set down the pot directly onto the quartz countertop. The resin that was used to form the countertop is not as heat resistant as quartz. If you place a hot pan onto the quartz, the resin will burn or scorch. The result is a mark and damage that cannot be fixed.

To avoid this, always use a pad to keep the heat away from the surface of the countertop. Make sure to use one that is safe for cooking, as it will be thick and durable enough to withstand the heat and keep your countertop safe. Unfortunately, quartz has a tendency to yellow or discolor in areas often used to set down hot items like a pot or pan. It may not happen the first few times but this is a quartz problem you should be aware of.

Seams Pose a Problem (Sometimes)

Seams can cause you to have problems with quartz. They look ugly and ruin the appearance of countertops if done incorrectly.

They are formed when two slabs of quartz are put together to make one large piece. No matter how much we would want seams to not exist, it simply isn't possible for them not to. There is little chance that the perfect slab for your kitchen exists without the need for other slabs to be added on.

Even though seams may have to exist, they don't have to be ugly. Professional installers will seamlessly knit the two slabs together and the resulting seam should be barely noticeable from about 5 feet away. You will likely always feel or see your seams.

Professional countertop providers should always try to find the best possible seam placement. Also, seams don't harm the quartz and have no effect on the longevity of the countertop. If done correctly, the seams would be tight and durable.

Even though seams cannot ever be removed, they can still be unnoticeable. The choice of quartz matters when considering seams. Different colors and patterns will show seams more. Lighter colors are more prone to this, while darker colors are not as susceptible. The pattern matters as well. If you desire light-colored quartz, choose one with a smaller pattern. If it is darker quartz, pick one with more patterns.

Not DIY Friendly

Quartz countertops are not a reasonable project to take on yourself. Unless you have the tools to accurately measure the slab perfectly and a high budget, DIY is not recommended. Even slabs you can pre-purchase are not the best solution, because most homeowners do not have the tools needed to cut them down to the needed size. The sheer weight of the slabs also poses a problem. Moving a large one on your own is not feasible, as they can weigh hundreds of pounds. If you make a mistake cutting the slab, or crack it during transport, there is nobody to blame except yourself.

It is always better to hire an expert who is experienced with quartz countertops. They can take care of the entire process from beginning to end and remove most of the stress. They have the tools and experience to cut countertops precisely. They have a team of workers who can safely transport the slabs without risk of damaging them.

It may be stressful to choose a great contractor, but it will be a lot less pressure on you to do a good job. Quartz countertops are an investment and it is important to know that they will turn out great.

Do Quartz Countertops Stain

Yes. Unfortunately, quartz countertops can stain. No matter how much we wish it to not be true, the expensive investment of quartz countertops can be ruined with a spill or misuse of cleaning products. Being careful to use the correct cleaning materials on quartz countertops is a mistake many people make.

Once a quartz countertop is stained, it can be extremely difficult, or impossible to remove the spot, depending on what the stain was caused by. Many different surfaces have the same issue, but because of the high price tag attached to these countertops, keeping them clean is an important issue. Even though they can stain, quartz countertops are reasonably resistant to doing so. However, it is still up to you to keep them clean. Spilled drinks, food scraps, and other substances have the chance to stain quartz countertops.

It can be easy to say, “I’ll clean it up later” or “I’m too busy.” But by doing so, you run the risk of forever staining the countertops and ruining their clean look. To keep your countertops looking like the day they were installed, make sure to promptly clean up any messes. It is important for quartz countertop owners to take good care of them.

Quartz is resistant to heat, but if the temperature gets too high, you can damage your quartz countertop. The reason is in the resin. A quartz countertop is an engineered surface. Natural quartz material is combined with a special resin (epoxy glue) to form a countertop. A quartz countertop is made up of nearly 93% quartz with the rest being the resin and pigments. The resin can only withstand temperatures of around 150 degrees. That means if you are taking a pan out of your oven or a hot pot from your stove, you cannot set it down directly on your quartz countertop. The resin will burn and may cause permanent damage. The way to avoid burning your countertop is simple. All you need to do is set hot objects on a hot pad or a metal trivet. This removes the risk of burning your countertop.

Removing Stains

So, what happens if the worst occurs and your quartz countertop acquires a stain? There are some solutions in the form of various cleaning products. Which one to use depends on the type of stain and the size. Unfortunately, some stains and spots cannot be removed. Some can be cleaned but will leave behind a discolored area. Areas stained by certain chemicals will always have a bleached spot.

  • Glass Cleaner – For easier stains, store-bought glass cleaner and a scrub pad can work. The stains must be small, and only surface level for this method to work. It is important that the scrub pad be non-abrasive. That will reduce the risk that the surface of the quartz is damaged while scrubbing.
  • Diluted Bleach – By mixing one part bleach and eight parts of water, diluted bleach can be used to remove some stains. However, this method is risky and may cause damage to the quartz.
  • Magic Eraser – This method can work. However, be careful and test it out on small areas of the countertop first. It may cause further damage to the countertop because it is abrasive.

There is no easy method to remove stains. That is why mopping up spills and other food right away is important. Don't say “I'll do it later.” Take good care of the investment you made. One trick that I use is getting quartz or granite dust and placing it on a paper towel wet and using it as an abrasive to wipe the countertops if you have a stain or metal transfer mark. This is a useful tip for white quartz countertop owners.

Bad Installers

The quality of installation is a major factor in how quartz countertops will hold up in the years to come. For example, if the countertops were installed in your kitchen, they should be able to withstand years of daily use without cracking.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know which contractor would work the best with your needs. There are many contractors out there that are inexperienced, use poor materials, or are simply malicious. Of course, most companies do want to provide excellent customer experience, but there are those that can and will take advantage of customers who did not do research.

Buying quartz countertops can be exciting, but it is important to go slowly. Take time on each step of the project to make sure everything turns out the way you want it. Working with a bad installer can be an easy way to ensure you end up with a poorly installed, or broken, countertop. Of course, there are ways to make sure you find a great company to work with.

How To Find A Good Installer

Now you know you want quartz countertops installed in your home. Who do you choose to do the work for you? Should you go with the cheaper option or the more expensive option? Usually, the more expensive countertop providers have better quality. I would always go with a company that has at least a bridge saw but water jet and CNC are the best quality machines to cut quartz countertops with and helps to remove any potential quartz problems.

Ask For Recommendations

Never open a phone book or look on the Internet for a random contractor. There is nothing better than reviews from people you know and trust. Try to find someone who has had countertops installed similar to the ones you would want to purchase. Ask about the quality of the service, the pricing, and how the countertops turned out overall. If you can find multiple reviews from the same place, that would be even better.

Research and More Research

If you don't know anyone with personal experience, turning to an online search engine is the next solution. On there, the list of all countertop installers will be readily available. Make sure to take time and read through every review. The length of time a business has been open can also be telling; the longer they have been around, the more likely it is that they are a reputable company.

Conduct Interviews

Once you have narrowed down the selection of installers to less than five, give them a call. There are many important questions you can ask over the phone that will help you decide which contractor to choose from. Questions such as: How long has your company been installing countertops? How experienced are your employees? How long does the average job take? and when would you be able to start? Are all great, informative questions. Multiple interviews should be conducted so that the best choice can be made.

Get Written Estimates

Written estimates are important. Once you have gone over a few interviews, you can choose to get some written estimates from the companies you liked the most. Of course, they will need to come to your home to make the estimate. They will ask a series of questions like what type of countertop do you want, what color, and so on. By collecting a few estimates, you can make the best choice.

Poor Quality Quartz Brands

There are many different kinds of quartz countertops out there and not all of them are created equal. While there are pristine quartz countertops, there are lower quality options. Quartz countertops that are of low quality could be made with up to 30% synthetic materials. Those countertops are prone to cracking, stain easily, and are overall of poor quality. Some manufacturers and installers could attempt to fool you into believing that these poor quality countertops are made of premium materials at a cheap price. Never believe that. Great quartz is expensive. The poor quality really shows the longer you own it. Usually, higher quality quartz options are made in the USA, Spain, and Brazil.

  • Shade Differences – One of the appealing factors of quartz is the uniform color across its surface. Poor quality quartz lacks that. In the same slab, there could be multiple different colors, which ruins the look. Quartz should be uniform in color.
  • Spots & Smudges – The surface of quartz could be marred by smudges and spots when it is of poor quality. No amount of cleaning or polishing would be able to remove the blemishes.
  • Small Holes – Throughout the quartz small holes could appear on the surface. This ruins the smooth surface and causes rough, or even sharp sections. More could chip off over time, or a part could snap off entirely.
  • Poor Surfaces – Some manufacturers will coat their countertops in resin coats and materials that should not be put on. When those surfaces are used nearby, or with food, it can be harmful.
  • Uneven Thickness – When a quartz slab is uneven in thickness, it can make the installation harder. It also raises the chance for the countertop to break in the thin areas.
  • Resin over Quartz – Sometimes, there will be more resin than quartz in a countertop. The layers and layers of resin have been built up over a thin layer of quartz to give it the appearance people expect.

Any slab with these kinds of defects should not be sold, but often dishonest manufacturers will try to trick buyers into it. Do not be fooled. Always understand that good quartz is not cheap and never will be. This may be one of the biggest purchases you've made for your home and of course, you want it to turn out perfect. If you want to purchase a quality brand quartz then check out our brands of quartz page. We will never recommend anything of poor quality. I have personally worked with every quartz brand I recommend.

If you have had any bad experiences with a countertop company no matter where you are located please do let us know.


Top Ten White MSI Q Quartz Colors

Top Ten White MSI Q Quartz Colors

White quartz countertops are among the most popular go to when updating your kitchen countertops. In this article, you will see the top 10 white MSI Q Quartz colors available.

Quartz countertops are durable, sleek, and beautiful. Because of their durability, you can expect your quartz countertops to last for many years to come, which is why you should opt for a neutral countertop, such as white. MSI Surfaces offer numerous white quartz countertops, including white quartz countertops that mimic natural stones like granite and marble. Let’s look at the top ten white quartz colors offered by MSI Surfaces.

MSI cares about their customers and the environment. The company has received numerous certifications, including NSF food safe certification, GreenGuard indoor air quality certification, and US Green Building LEED accreditation. Furthermore, MSI quartz is certified Kosher. MSI quartz countertops are food safe and will not release volatile organic compounds into your home once they are installed.

Alabaster White MSI Quartz

Alabaster White quartz countertops are absolutely stunning. The white countertop features long gray veins running through its soft white background. Alabaster White quartz provides homeowners with the elegance and timeless beauty of marble without the upkeep and maintenance that marble requires. Alabaster White quartz countertops by MSI Surfaces help homeowners create an opulent kitchen or bathroom at an affordable price. Alabaster White coordinates beautifully with painted and wooden cabinetry. The soft white tones will provide you with years of enjoyment. Alabaster White quartz countertops are a breeze to keep clean and offer you a nonporous, stain resistant surface.

Alabaster White MSI Quartz

Calacatta Alto MSI Quartz

Calacatta Alto provides homeowners with the look of Italian Calacatta marble without the worries of etching and staining associated with marble. The low maintenance quartz countertop features a crisp white background with thin gray veins running throughout. Available in a polished finished, Calacatta Alto by MSI quartz is available in both two and three centimeter thicknesses, allowing you multiple edge profile options for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. The low variation in coloring helps to create a cohesive, sophisticated countertop. Calacatta Alto looks great in both traditional and contemporary homes. Homeowners love how easy this quartz countertop is to maintain. All that is required is daily cleaning using a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Calacatta Alto MSI Quartz


Carrara Grigio MSI Quartz

The warm white background with its soft clouds of gold and small gold veining of Carrara Grigio can be used to create a warm and inviting space. Carrara Grigio quartz countertops by MSI looks gorgeous when paired with cherry or painted cabinetry. The quartz countertops are easy to clean and durable. Homeowners enjoy the minimal maintenance required to maintain quartz countertops. Carrara Grigio quartz features a high gloss polished finish that is reminiscent of marble countertops. The beautiful quartz countertop is available in two and three centimeter thick slabs.

Carrara Grigio MSI Quartz


Fairy White MSI Quartz

Fairy White quartz countertops by MSI Surfaces features a brilliant white background with gorgeous dove gray and sterling silver veining throughout. This fashion forward quartz countertop is stain resistant and nonporous to keep your kitchen and bathroom areas looking stunning. No bacteria can enter into the countertop surface, which means once your countertop has been wiped down, your family is protected. The classic white countertop looks fantastic when paired with wooden as well as painted cabinetry. The polished finish of Fairy White quartz countertops reflects light to help create a brilliantly, clean look.

Fairy White MSI Quartz


Frost White MSI Quartz

Frost White quartz countertops are absolutely stunning and are perfect for homeowners who want to create a clean, white appearance in their kitchens, baths, and bars. The gorgeous quartz countertop features a white background with pebble shaped pale tan and off white stones scattered throughout the countertop. MSI Surfaces offers this beautiful quartz countertop in standard, jumbo, and prefabricated slab sizes. The polished slabs are available in both two centimeters and three centimeters thicknesses. Frost White quartz countertops offer almost endless design possibilities. When this quartz is placed atop maple or oak countertops, it creates a beautiful and works great with all design styles.

Frost White MSI Quartz


Pelican White MSI Quartz

If you are looking for a low maintenance quartz countertop that gives you the appearance of marble without the upkeep, look no further than Pelican White quartz countertops by MSI Surfaces. This gorgeous quartz countertop will provide you with years of enjoyment and beauty. Pelican White quartz features a soft white background with subtle swirls of pale gray throughout the slab. The patterns used in this countertop creates visual interest, especially when placed atop charcoal or black painted cabinetry. Pelican White quartz looks great in modern kitchens, featuring stainless steel appliances, plumbing fixtures, and drawer pulls.

Pelican White MSI Quartz


Premium Plus White MSI Quartz

Premium Plus White quartz countertops by MSI Surfaces feature a monochromatic pure white that pairs beautifully with gray or charcoal cabinetry. The pure white quartz allows you to change the look and feel of your kitchen and bathroom areas by merely changing your accent colors. Whether you want to create modern or prefer old world inspired kitchen or bathroom areas, Premium Plus white quartz has what you are looking for. This quartz is the perfect choice for discriminating homeowners. The light and airy feel of Premium Plus will look fantastic for many years to come.

Premium Plus White MSI Quartz


Snow White MSI Quartz

Snow White quartz countertops are a dream come true for homeowners wanting an easy to maintain countertop that will last for many years to come. Snow White quartz features a pure, snowy white background with tiny crystals throughout the slab. The crystal flecks add brilliance to the quartz countertop, making it an excellent choice for residential kitchens, bathrooms, bar tops, and laundry rooms. In addition to this, the nonporous surface keeps the quartz countertops looking amazing. Snow White quartz countertop looks stunning when placed atop cherry or maple cabinetry.

Snow White MSI Quartz


Sparkling White MSI Quartz

Sparkling White quartz countertops feature a white background with sparkling white specks that add interest and movement to kitchen and bathroom areas. The polished finish highlights the icy flecks and gorgeous white background. If you're looking for an elegant white countertop for your home, this premium quartz is low maintenance, stain resistant, and durable. Sparkling White Quartz by MSI Surfaces is available in two and three centimeter slabs as well as two different two centimeter prefabricated slabs for your convenience. Pair Sparkling White quartz with white cabinetry for a classic look.

Sparkling White MSI Quartz


Statuary Classique MSI Quartz

Do you love the look of marble and wish you could have it in your kitchen or bathroom, but you do not want the required upkeep? Statuary Classique quartz by MSI Surfaces is the answer. The gorgeous white quartz features delicate gray veins across the entire countertop surface for a classic, yet elegant look. Statuary Classique quartz is virtually maintenance free and will provide a lifetime of enjoyment for homeowners. Statuary Classique quartz countertops enhance the look of any cabinetry; however, it looks exceptionally beautiful when installed atop mahogany or cherry cabinetry.

Statuary Classique MSI Quartz



MSI Surfaces offers more than twenty different white quartz selections. We have covered the top ten white quartz available today. White quartz countertops are the perfect selection for traditional and modern homes. Quartz countertops can be used in entryways, laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and more.

Different Brands of Quartz Countertops?

Different Brands of Quartz Countertops?


Many homeowners wonder how important the brand of the quartz countertop is when researching and buying quartz countertops. Yes! There are numerous brands of quartz countertops on the market. Each brand offers its own color palette, manufacturer's warranty, quality, and style.


Understand Color Palettes

Different brands of quartz countertops offer different color options. Some companies only offer a handful of colors, while other companies offer hundreds of color options. Each brand has a unique look that sets them apart from their competitors. Although 70 percent of the colors will be similar, thirty percent of the brand's options will be different from other brands.


Understanding Warranties

The length of warranty along with what is covered by the warranty can vary from brand to brand. Some manufacturers offer a 15 year warranty while others offer limited lifetime warranties. Manufacturer warranties cover defects in the stone, including abnormal coloring, uneven surfaces, uneven polish, or foreign objects found in the quartz slab.


Understanding Quality

Each brand of quartz countertops will perform internal Q.C. checks to ensure the countertop provided is free from defects. The quality of your quartz countertop affects the life expectancy of your countertops. Choosing a quartz countertop company that offers an extended warranty against manufacturer defects will help ensure you purchase a high quality, long lasting quartz countertop.


Understanding Style

Different quartz manufacturers offer different features, including the edge options, the visual appearance of the quartz, and the size of a quartz slab. Choosing a large slab will minimize the number of seams in the countertop.


Quartz Countertop Manufacturers

There are numerous brands of quartz countertops on the market. Let's take a look at the leading quartz brands. Below, you will find information on each company, their processes used during creation, number of color options, and more.



Caesarstone manufacturers residential and commercial premium quartz countertops. The company headquarters are located in Sdot Yam, Israel. Caesar stone was founded in 1987 and has production factories in both Israel and the United States of America.

Caesarstone utilizes highly trained staff to inspect each raw material before it is used in the manufacturing process. Their quartz countertops consist of 90 percent quartz aggregates that are mixed with polymer resin and pigments. The company's automated system:

Feeds and mixes the materials together. Then, the mixture is poured into 120 inch by 57 inch slabs. Powerful machines place the slab under high pressure and vibrate the slabs in a vacuum to remove the air and compress the countertop slab. The slabs are then cured in a kiln that has been heated to 194 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes to strengthen and solidify the surface.

Once the slabs are cooled, they are calibrated and then polished, creating a beautiful finish. After the manufacturing process is completed, expert quality control personnel inspect the quartz slab to ensure it meets the company's quality requirements, consistent color, texture, pattern, etc.

Caesarstone offers a total of 56 different color options, allowing you to choose a countertop color and pattern that works with your overall home interior design. Caesarstone offers a range of patterns that mimic natural stone countertops, including granite and marble.

Caesarstone offers two slab sizes 56.5 inches by 120 inches (Original) and 64.5 inches by 131.5 inches (Jumbo). Original slabs are available in 1.3, 2, or 3 centimeter thicknesses, while jumbo slabs are available in 2 or 3 centimeter thicknesses.

Caesarstone comes in a number of finishes, including polished, honed, concrete and rough. Polished Caesarstone is highly reflective and requires minimal maintenance. Honed finishes offer a natural appearance thanks to its satin finish and low sheen. The concrete texture has low light reflection like the honed finish; however, it has an earthy feel. Finally, Caesarstone's rough finish has low light reflection and a rough feel.

You can see the Caesarstone Quartz warranty here.



Cambria is an engineered quartz manufacturer based in Le Sueur, Minnesota. In addition to its headquarters, Cambria manufacturing facilities are located throughout the U.S. there is also a facility located in Ontario, Canada. The company was founded in 2000 and is privately owned and held by the Davis family.

Cambria uses pure quartz and mixes it with a minute amount of resin and pigments to create slabs that are durable, nonporous, and beautiful. Cambria's countertops are NSF 51 certified for food use. It is resistant to most household stains, including wine, tea, and coffee. The diamond like hardness provides you with a maintenance-free work surface that is stronger than granite.

Cambria provides you with the look and feel of natural stone countertops; however, unlike granite or marble, no maintenance is required, and cleanup is a breeze. Just clean your countertops with a damp cloth and a tiny bit of mild soap daily to keep your countertops looking great. Quartz countertops never need to be resealed or reconditioned.

Cambria is the only quartz countertop company located in America. The family owned quartz business has more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing. The Davis family utilizes highly skilled technicians to create beautiful countertop designs.

Cambria offers more than 140 designs. Cambria quartz countertops come in every color and pattern imaginable. Whether you are looking for a countertop that mimics granite or marble, Cambria has a countertop for you.

Cambria is available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. The quartz countertop standard slab size is 55.5 inches by 122 inches. The jumbo size for a Cambria countertop slab is 65.5 inches by 132 inches. Cambria is available in 1 centimeter, 2 centimeters, and 3 centimeters thicknesses.

Cambria offers nineteen different edge profiles. Edge profiles create an illusion of thickness and add interest to your kitchen and bath design. Some of the most popular edge profiles include Ridgeline with its flat edge profile, Mesa with its ornate reversed ogee edge, and Summit with its double round edge.

Cambria quartz is available in matte and high gloss. Cambria Matte provides you with a low-sheen, smooth. Conversely, Cambria High Gloss provides you with advanced light reflecting properties and a smooth touch finish.

Cambria handcrafts their countertops using pure quartz and high quality resin and pigments. Cambria proudly offers a full lifetime warranty that is transferrable should you sell your house.



Corian Quartz, formerly called Zodiaq, is manufactured by DuPont. DuPont has been making technological and scientific discoveries for more than 200 years. Corian Quartz brings science and nature together, creating beautiful countertop surfaces for your residential and commercial properties.

Corian Quartz countertops are manufactured using pure quartz crystals to create a diamond-like radiance. Corian's quartz countertops are strikingly beautiful and come in a variety of colors and patterns, enabling you to create the kitchen or bath you have always dreamt of owning.

Corian quartz is available in one slab size – 63 inches by 120 inches. The quartz countertops can be book matched to provide you with a continuous look across your countertops or islands. Corian quartz comes in 2 centimeters and 3 centimeter thicknesses.

Corian Quartz offers a number of edge profiles. The most common edge profiles include bevels, straight edge, bullnose, Ogee, Dupont, and cove. In order to determine the appropriate edge profile for your space, contact your fabricator and learn which edge profiles they offer. Corian Quartz also offers integrated sinks, which allow you to create a sleek, beautiful design in your kitchen or bath. Integrated sinks prevent residue buildup and grout lines.

Corian Quartz uses sealants and adhesives that meet or exceed VOC emissions guidelines. Corian uses Breton Vibro-compaction casting processes to create beautiful countertops. Only the best grades of quartz, resins, and pigments are used to create Corian quartz.

Corian worked with interior designers, architects, and artists to create a variety of colors and patterns that coordinate with your residential or commercial spaces. Currently, Corian Quartz offers 48 different color combinations, all of which are easy to clean, stain resistant, and nonporous.

Corian Quartz is built to last. The surface is easy to maintain all that is required is daily cleaning with warm water and a drop of your favorite mild detergent. Corian Quartz provides you with a transferable ten year warranty against installation and fabrication defects. DuPont has been creating innovative home surfaces for over 50 years and has a customer satisfaction of 96 percent.


Daltile One Quartz

Daltile One Quartz has been providing beautiful home improvement tiles and countertops since 1947. The company's commitment to innovation and value has resulted in high quality products their customers have come to rely on. Because Daltile cares, they recycle, reuse, and reduce energy, waste, and water during their manufacturing process.

One Quartz countertops and surfaces are low maintenance, resistant to chips, scratches, and stains, and work great in both residential and commercial settings. Daltile uses 90 percent quartz along with pigments and binders to create a beautiful, engineered surface.

Whether you are wanting a quartz countertop that mimics natural stone like marble and granite or a sleek countertop, Daltile One Quartz is the answer. Daltile One Quartz offers four different series, including Geo Flecks, Micro Flecks, Nature Flecks, and West Village, providing you with 36 different color options.

Daltile One Quartz typically has a polished finish; however, they allow special order finishes, including semi-polished, honed, and leather finishes. However, not all colors can have an alternative finish; so, you will need to speak with your stone specialist to discover your options.

Daltile One Quartz is available in slabs measuring 135 inches by 78 inches. The slabs can be ordered in either 2 centimeter or 3 centimeter thicknesses. These choices allow you to choose the best countertop for your residential or commercial areas.

Daltile One Quartz can be used for countertops, backsplashes, accent walls, and more. The company stands behind its product and offers a 15 year limited warranty on Daltile One Quartz countertops.


HanStone Quartz

HanStone Quartz is manufactured by Hyundai L&C/ Hanwha Surfaces L&C. The company provides innovative new products with you and the environment in mind. Their innovative product, HanStone, provides luxurious engineered stone surfaces to enhance the beauty and functionality of residential and commercial spaces.

HanStone uses 93 percent pure quartz crystals and combines it with high quality resin and pigments. The company sources numerous sizes, shapes, and types of quartz crystals from around the world to create a quartz countertop, unlike any other. Worldwide sourcing of quartz also ensures the company's quartz provides a uniqueness most discriminating homeowners want.

HanStone Quartz slabs are nonporous, stain resistant, heat resistant, and a breeze to maintain. Their quartz has been tested and certified under the NSF51 Certifications by the National Sanitation for Food Safety and Food Contact. This means you can feel safe putting quartz countertops in your kitchen.  Furthermore, HanStone is GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality certified.

HanStone is the preferred countertop material for discriminating builders and homeowners. The beautiful quartz is ideal for countertops, bar tops, bathroom vanities, and much more. In commercial settings, HanStone is used for high traffic areas like serving areas, table tops, reception areas, and much more.

HanStone offers three different collections (Unearthed, Boutique, and Cascina) with 60+ different designs and colors. Whether you are looking for a quartz countertop that mimics natural stone like granite or marble, or you are looking for a quartz countertop that looks modern, HanStone has the quartz surface for you.

HanStone slabs are available in standard (55 inches by 120 inches) and jumbo (65 inches by 130 inches) sizes. The slabs are available in two thicknesses 2 centimeters (3/4 inch) and 3 centimeters (1 1/8 inches). HanStone offers three different finishes – Leather, Polished, and River Washed. The polished finish provides a glossy look, the leather finish provides a smooth matte look, and the river washed finish provides a more natural feel.

HanStone provides homeowners with a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner. The warranty is nontransferable and only applies to the quartz surface. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects. HanStone also offers a commercial 10 year warranty for material defects.


Ice Stone

Quartz Stone by Ice Stone provides a beautiful engineered stone commercial grade countertop. These surfaces are perfect for heavy use applications like kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. The nonporous surface resists acids, chips, and scratches.

Quartz Stone by Ice Stone is made using 93 percent crushed waste stone that is left over in quarries or found in natural stone beds. The company uses their state of the art Breton system to engineer their high quality quartz slabs. Quartz Stone is renowned for its safe manufacturing processes, consistent products, and low environmental impact.

Quartz Stone has received GreenGuard Gold Certificate for indoor air quality as well as NSF51 certified for food safe surfaces. The beautiful quartz surfaces are made in the United States. Ice Stone is also a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

The company offers two thicknesses 2 centimeters and 3 centimeters on their standard size slabs. Quartz Stone only comes in one standard size 55 inches by 120 inches. The slabs are available in either polished or honed. Polished stone is the standard finish and provides a gorgeous, light reflecting surface. Honed finishes provide a matte finish with low light reflection.

Quartz Stone by Ice Stone offers several edge profiles including flat, Ogee, bullnose, demi-bullnose, ogee bullnose, and bevel. Hanstone Quartz comes with a ten year warranty that covers manufacturing defects.


LG Viatera – 47 colors

LG Viatera is a high quality, nonporous quartz countertop created using 93 percent quartz along with resin and pigments. Because quartz is considered one of the most durable and hardest substances in the world, it provides a durable work surface for kitchens and bathrooms.

Viatera is an environmentally friendly countertop option. These countertops are made using sustainable materials and follow ecofriendly manufacturing practices. The National Sanitary Foundation and GreenGuard have certified LG Viatera. The countertops meet indoor air quality standards and are a food safe surface.

The manufacturing processes ensure the appearance of the engineered stone remains consistent. Viatera offers 47 different color options. LG Viatera has various designs that mimic granite, marble, and other natural stone countertops.

Viatera is available in both polished and brushed finishes. Polished finishes are traditional reflective surfaces while brushed finishes are low luster finishes that have a smooth and soft feel. Several edge profiles are available for your LG Viatera countertops. The company offers bullnose, beveled, reverse Ogee, knife, Roman, and round over edge profiles.

Viatera is used using the finest quartz particulates to create a durable, hygienic countertop surface. The countertop is nonporous, which prevents molds and harmful bacteria from entering into the countertop surface. Viatera is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. Viatera stands behind its products and provides a transferable 15 year warranty.



MSI Q Quartz is the company's premium quartz countertops. MSI fuses resins, pigments, and quartz crystals together to create a durable and beautiful engineered stone countertop. With more than 90 styles, you can find the perfect countertop for your kitchen and bathroom areas. MSI quartz countertops come in a variety of patterns, including marble, limestone, natural, and contemporary designs. MSI also has some of the best white quartz options available.

MSI believes in protecting our environment and has created a collective group of suppliers and employees that work on discovering and implementing new ways to protect the environment. The company believes in reusing, reducing, and recycling. The company works to increase sustainability, enhance reusability, and reduce the use of natural resources.

MSI Q Premium Natural Quartz is comprised of 93 percent quartz, with the remaining 7 percent made up of resins and pigments. When Q is tested against other types of countertop materials, it outperforms in multiple ways. First, quartz countertops never need to be reconditioned, repolished, or sealed. A mild detergent and clean water are all that is needed to clean your countertops. Thanks to the countertop's nonporous surface, it resists stains.

MSI offers a residential, nontransferable lifetime warranty on their quartz countertops. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects if the product is installed in a single family residence. The warranty covers countertops that have been maintained following the company's care and maintenance guidelines.

MSI offers standard and jumbo prefabricated slab sizes. The slab sizes are 108 centimeters by 42 centimeters by 2 centimeters, and 112 centimeters by 26 centimeters by 2 centimeters. In addition to this, MSI quartz countertops are available in 3 centimeter thicknesses.

MSI Q Premium Natural Quartz offers a variety of finishes for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. Their polished countertop finish produces a beautiful shiny finish that reflects light back into the room. MSI also has a variety of low sheen finish options, including their matte finish and concrete finish.



Pental Quartz countertops are engineered with the busy homeowner in mind. The countertop requires minimal maintenance and is resistant to scratches and staining. Pental Quartz is used for kitchen countertops, shower surrounds, bathroom vanities, and bar tops. The quartz surface is comprised of 90 to 93 percent quartz that is mixed with 7 to 10 percent pigments and high quality polyester resins.

Pental Quartz surfaces are manufactured using Bretonstone machinery and technology. The company uses ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality and Environmental Management Systems. The quartz is NSF certified for food safety and certified by GreenGuard for indoor air quality. Pental warrants their quartz to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of 15 years on residential projects and 10 years on commercial installations.

Pental is available in three different collections, including their natural collection, their inspired collection, and their classic collection. Homeowners can choose from Pental Quartz slabs that are book matched. The company offers three patterns, including polished, honed, and satin finishes. Polished finishes are glossy and do not require as much daily maintenance. Honed and satin finishes, on the other hand, require routine, daily maintenance.

Pental Quartz is available in standard 55 inch by 119 inch slabs in both 2 centimeter and 3 centimeter thicknesses. In addition to this, numerous designs are available in XL size slabs (65 inches by 130 Inches) and half slabs (26 inches by 118 inches) Pental offers 9 different edge profiles, including straight, bevel, bullnose, Ogee, and miter.

You can see the Pental Quartz warranty here.


Santa Margherita

Santa Margherita is crafted using the highest quality quartz particles and select resins and pigments to create a beautiful, low maintenance nonporous surface. Santa Margherita Quartz countertops have low water absorption and resist scratches and chemicals. The surface is easy to keep clean. Simply clean daily using warm water and a mild soap.

Santa Margherita quartz countertops are available in a number of thicknesses and sizes, including 55 inch by 120 inch standard sized slabs and 126 inch by 61 inch jumbo slabs. The quartz countertops are available in 1.2 centimeters, 2 centimeters, and 3 centimeters thicknesses. Furthermore, the pieces can be cut to size, making it easy to find the countertop you need for your kitchen, bar, or bathroom areas.

Santa Margherita offers a large selection of textures, finishes, and colors. The company offers numerous color collections, including glitter, fusion, metropolis, wave, and classic collections. In addition to this, Santa Margherita countertops can be personalized using waterjet cutting and sublimation.

Santa Margherita has been dedicated to creativity and sustainability in the manufacturing process for more than 50 years. Headquartered in Italy, Santa Margherita cares about its customers and the environment. The company offers each purchaser a manufacturer's warranty that guarantees the product is free from manufacturing defects for ten years. Santa Margherita Quartz has numerous certifications, including GreenGuard, NSF food zone certification, REACH certified, Kosher, and LEED4 certified.



Silestone has been the leader in high quality countertops for over 25 years. Comprised of more than 94 percent quartz, Silestone provides homeowners with a countertop that is durable, long lasting, and nonporous. With its numerous color and design options, homeowners can find exactly what they are looking for with Silestone.

Silestone offers more than 50 different design colors available in a number of textures. Silestone's N-Boost takes quartz to the next level. The quartz countertop is easier to clean and maintain than ever before. Furthermore, the colors in the countertop are more intense than other quartz countertops.

Several edge profile options are available for your Silestone countertops. A straight beveled edge profile and a basic eased edge profile maintains the thickness of the surface and provides a square edge. A bullnose edge profile features a completely rounded front edge. Ogee edge profiles have a concave arch that shifts to a convex arch. Mitered edge profiles feature two angles to make the countertop appear thicker. The demi bullnose edge profile features a round edge on the top that flattens toward the bottom of the quartz.

Silestone is available in three different textures, including polished, suede, and volcano. The polished finish enhances the shine of the surface, increases light reflection, and intensifies the color of the countertop. Suede provides a matte finish with a smooth, silky feel. Conversely, although the volcano finish is smooth to the touch, it has a rustic texture.

Silestone is available in two sizes standard (55 inches by 120 inches) and jumbo size (63 inches by 128 inches). Silestone comes in three different thicknesses, including 1.2 centimeters, 2 centimeters, and 3 centimeters.

Silestone offers a 25 year limited warranty that is transferable. The warranty is available to homeowners who activate their warranty and provide proof of purchase within six months of the purchase. If the homeowner does not register the product within six months of purchase, Silestone warrants the product for two years with an original invoice.


Spectrum Quartz

Spectrum Quartz is manufactured by Hirsch Glass and remains the only quartz countertop that offers the Hirsch art glass. Spectrum Quartz is harder than granite, yet nonporous. Spectrum Quartz is truly maintenance free. The nonporous surface resists stains and bacteria while being a breeze to clean. Quartz is resistant to most household products and chemicals.

Spectrum Quartz is a premium quartz countertop option that is available in eleven different colors and designs. The countertop slabs are available in two finishes – polished and satin. Polished quartz is glossy and reflects light beautifully. Satin quartz provides a matte finish that looks beautiful in kitchens and bathrooms.

The slab dimensions for Spectrum Quartz countertops are 63 inches by 120 inches. The countertop slab is available in 2 centimeters and 3 centimeter thicknesses.

Spectrum Quartz and Hirsch Glass stands behind their products and offers a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty is nontransferable and will remain in effect as long as the owner owns the home. Spectrum also provides a ten year warranty for all commercial applications.


Vicostone Quartz

Vicostone Quartz was established in Hanoi, Vietnam, in December 2002. Vicostone is a forerunning manufacturer of quartz stone countertops in Asia. The company has developed a global distribution network and offers countertops across all continents.

Vicostone Quartz is an engineered countertop comprised of 93 pure quartz crystals that are combined with powdered pigments and polymer resin to create a beautiful, durable countertop. The company offers more than 100 distinct design options to ensure you can find the option you want for your bathroom vanity, backsplash, bar top, or kitchen countertops.

Vicostone is certified food safe by NSF and certified that it is free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by GreenGuard. Vicostone is microbial resistant, antibacterial, environmentally friendly, and can prevent mold growth.

Vicostone comes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Their standard slab size is 56 inches by 120 inches. Their jumbo slab sizes are 65 inches by 129 inches. The slabs are available in four thicknesses, including 1 centimeter, 1.2 centimeters, 2 centimeters, and 3 centimeters.

Vicostone countertops come in five different finishes. Their polished finish is smooth to the touch and highly reflective. The honed surface finish provides a smooth finish and highlights one color. The egg finish is similar to a honed finish; however, it does not reflect as much light and is not as glossy as honed surfaces. Brushed finishes provide a nostalgic feel and look great in Old World inspired kitchens. Finally, the antique finish of Vicostone countertops adds texture and interest to your countertops.

When Vicostone is installed by a certified countertop fabricator, Vicostone provides a 15 year warranty against material failure or manufacturing defects. For commercial properties, Vicostone offers a 10 year limited warranty.



Wilsonart Quartz surfaces and countertops are manufactured Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces company. The company's mission is to provide high quality engineered surfaces that feature award winning designs and improved performance. Wilsonart is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and offers high quality engineered surfaces in over 100 countries.

Wilsonart is composed of 93 percent natural stone and features food safe pigments and acrylic resins.

Wilsonart Quartz has more than 45 quartz designs ranging in color from start white to dark gray. The quartz surface is nonporous, scratch resistant, and stain resistant. Wilsonart's new quartz designs create the look of natural stone like marble and granite without the upkeep. The countertop can easily be cleaned using warm water and mild detergent.

Available in three sizes – 63 inches by 120 inches, 63 inches by 126 inches, and 65 inches by 130 inches, you are sure to find the right countertop for all of your countertop needs.  Wilsonart provides a ten year limited warranty that is not transferable. The warranty guarantees the quartz countertop is free from manufacturing defects for ten years from the date of purchase.



Quartz countertops provide homeowners with a nonporous surface that will not harbor viruses or bacteria. Quartz does not require the same amount of maintenance that natural stone countertops do. Quartz countertops clean up with warm water and a mild detergent. Finally, quartz countertops carry a lengthy warranty against any manufacturing defects.

How to Clean Cambria Quartz Countertops

How to Clean Cambria Quartz Countertops

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know on how to clean Cambria Quartz countertops. Cambria quartz is recognized as the top quartz brand featuring a vast collection of beautiful Cambria Quartz colors. As with most things a Cambria Quartz countertop may show signs of wear over time. This is part of life unfortunately but to prolong the life of your Cambria Quartz countertop you will need to follow some very detailed maintenance information as outlined in this article. Let us protect your Cambria Quartz investment and keep your new quartz countertops looking as new as the day you had them installed in your kitchen.

What You Will Need to Clean Cambria Quartz Countertops

There are a number of great quartz cleaning sprays on Amazon and other online marketplaces. The best products are the products that ensure your quartz countertops are clean and germ-free. Luckily, Cambria Quartz is not at all porous and will not allow germs to enter into the material like granite, marble or other natural stones which do have pores.

If you elect to purchase a product that is great for cleaning quartz I recommend this product which should last you several long years of cleaning your quartz countertops if used in combination with the suggested Cambria Quartz cleaning method below.

Denatured Alcohol – This will ensure that your countertops are germ-free. You should use this chemical watered down with half denatured alcohol and half water.

Microfiber Towel – These work the best with the products mentioned in this article. With this microfiber towel, you can clean your Cambria Quartz countertop and use another one dry to wipe it dry.

Spray Bottle – This spray bottle works great with denatured alcohol mixed with water and stores well. This will be used to spray the cleaner on your Cambria Quartz countertops.

Now that you have what you need you can move on to the step by step instructions.


How Not to Clean Cambria Quartz

According to Cambria, these are the don'ts of cleaning your Cambria Quartz countertops. Do not use or expose Cambria Product to certain cleaning products, including, but not limited to, bleach, oven cleaners, Comet®, Soft Scrub®, S.O.S.® products with pumice, batteries, paint removers, furniture strippers, tarnish or silver cleaners, or the like. Do not use abrasive or harsh scrub pads. Do not apply any sealers, penetrants or topical treatments to Cambria Product under any circumstances. Such products will wear off and cause the gloss to appear dull or inconsistent. You can read more here.

How to Clean Cambria Quartz Countertops Step by Step

This is the easy part. Follow the instructions below to get the best clean for your Cambria Quartz countertops.

Step 1: Mix your denatured alcohol with water half and half in your spray bottle. This will be your cleaning spray. (Skip this step if you purchased this product here)

Step 2: Spray your countertops by 2-foot sections and wipe them with the microfiber towel you purchased above. Continue this process until the entire area of your Cambria Quartz countertops is clean.

Step 3: Wipe your Cambria Quartz countertops dry with a clean, dry microfiber towel. This will prevent water streaks from appearing.

Step 4: Repeat the process throughout your entire home where you have Cambria Quartz countertops.

Pretty simple, yet so effective. If you follow the process as outlined above you will have a disinfected and clean Cambria Quartz countertop.

Cambria Quartz Warranty

Cambria Quartz offers all consumers who purchase their quartz a 25-year limited warranty. This warranty will cover the cost to replace your Cambria Quartz countertops should anything happen due to manufacturer issues.


In this article, you learned how to clean Cambria Quartz countertops. If you have another brand countertop the process is just the same. Be sure to clean your Cambria Quartz countertops as often as possible to prevent the spread of germs and if you are anything like me (CLEAN FREAK) for your own sanity. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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