New Cambria Quartz Colors 2020

Date: February 8, 2020
Author: Jon Smith
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Update: Cambria just released their new 2021 colors. Check them out!

Cambria released a whole set of new Cambria Quartz colors at the beginning of 2020. In this article, we will be sharing information as well as pictures of each and every new Cambria Quartz color for 2020. Cambria has proven to be a strong brand in the quartz countertop industry releasing new designs regularly for 20 years. 2020 marks 20 years for Cambria and they celebrated with new designs that are truly remarkable.

First, check out this video they launched showing off the new Cambria Quartz designs.

Portrush Cambria Quartz

Portrush by Cambria is a beautiful Cambria Quartz color featuring some beautiful gray/black veins and creamy background. I have not personally seen any of the new Cambria Quartz colors but I plan to visit soon and get some better-detailed information on the new colors.

From Cambria

Portrush features an elegant porcelain base crisscrossed with bold navy, gray, and black veins accompanied by finespun filaments and gleaming gold flakes.

Portrush Cambria Quartz

Sutherland Cambria Quartz

Sutherland by Cambria Quartz is a beautiful Cambria Quartz color with braided veins and Earthy background.

From Cambria

Quiet and dignified, Sutherland offers a soft alabaster foundation crossed with dark and light gray veins and capillaries that braid and flow across this tranquil design.

Sutherland Cambria Quartz Color

Gladstone Cambria Quartz

Gladstone, a marble look Cambria Quartz color featuring a light gray background with veining throughout the slab. These veins give me the thought of cracking and look amazing. This is perfect for a white and gray kitchen.

From Cambria

Offering classic elegance, Gladstone features a soft, misty gray background that hosts slender, prominent veins that cross over fine gray webs and lacy lattices. Gray shadows and dapples that flow beneath the surface add dimension to complete the look.

Gladstone Cambria Quartz Color

Brittanicca Block Cambria Quartz

Brittanicca Block is the most unusual Cambria Quartz color I have ever seen. I was quite surprised to see this in the new collection of Cambria Quartz colors but I actually like it. It is really thinly sliced pieces of Cambria's Brittanica Quartz color laminated together giving it a bold pattern. I am interested in seeing this new color option in person. I want to see how well the seams will be and possibly test the durability of this slab since it seems like sliced up pieces of Brittanicca.

From Cambria

Brittanicca Block features Brittanicca™, one of Cambria’s signature designs, laid in parallel lanes with unique veining, patterns, and tonality set against a milky white background.

Brittanicca Block Cambria Quartz Color

Archdale Cambria Quartz

Archdale is a new Cambria Quartz color featuring strong dark-colored vein patterns all connecting.

From Cambria

Like winter fields separated by fences, Archdale is a quiet white with thin straight and bent veins that connect to form abstract sections with subtle, fine-grain capillaries.

Archdale Cambria Quartz Color

Charlestown Cambria Quartz

Charlestown is a new Cambria Quartz color featuring a charcoal gray color with white and gray veining throughout the quartz slab.

From Cambria

The dark and dramatic charcoal gray surface of Charlestown is imprinted with meandering gray and white veining above faint black currents that ripple below the surface.

Charlestown Cambria Quartz Color

Clovelly Cambria Quartz

Clovelly is a brand new Cambria Quartz color that is similar to the Brittanicca series. This quartz color features a warm looking vein pattern on a white background.

From Cambria

Graceful and flowing, Clovelly displays a creamy background with copper and brown swooping veins and white, lightning-like veins that rise and fall across a surface interspersed with delicately latticed threads and black accents.

Clovelly Cambria Quartz Color

Smithfield Cambria Quartz

Smithfield is a Cambria Quartz color that has a subtle vein look with a mainly white background.

From Cambria

Refined Smithfield is a specter of soft white with a hint of warmth and faint veins just under the surface of this dignified design.

Smithfield Cambria Quartz Color

Malvern Cambria Quartz

Malvern is a Cambria Quartz color that has a smokey gray and white veining throughout. This is a beautiful Cambria Quartz color for just about any kitchen or bathroom color scheme.

From Cambria

Malvern offers a delicate warm vanilla palette with small white splashes and ghosted gray accents that seem to float just beneath the surface to add depth and intrigue to this peaceful design.

Malvern Cambria Quartz Color

Colton Cambria Quartz

Colton is a beautiful white Cambria Quartz color with rustic veining and gray veining. This slab is a beautiful design for just about any kitchen countertop project.

From Cambria

Offering timeless allure, Colton is warm and creamy with rusty brownish-gray inscriptions and small white patches.

Colton Cambria Quartz Color

Find out more about Cambria Quartz here.

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