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5 Clever Ways to Hide Granite Seams

One of the most popular countertop materials is granite. Homeowners love how durable, versatile, and beautiful these natural stone countertops are. The variety of patterns and colors means you can find the perfect slab of granite for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. These natural stone countertops are absolutely stunning when properly installed. Unfortunately, when granite […]

How Long Do Epoxy Countertops Last?

When epoxy is applied correctly, it will create beautiful glossy countertops that will withstand the test of time. Epoxy countertops are revered for their durability and maintenance-free finish. When properly installed, epoxy countertops will last many years; however, they can be damaged by sharp objects. If you accidentally damage your epoxy countertop, they are able […]

Are Epoxy Countertops Safe?

Epoxy countertops have become a popular DIY project by homeowners. Epoxy countertops allow you to affordable update your kitchen or bath. If done properly, the countertops look stunning. However, many people are concerned about the safety of epoxy countertops and avoid using them in the kitchen. If you are wondering if epoxy countertops are safe, […]

Can You Put a Hot Pan on Epoxy Countertops? Expert Advice

Can epoxy countertops stand up to the heat of the kitchen? Although you can purchase pre-made epoxy countertops, most homeowners choose to use an epoxy countertop kit to refurbish the countertops themselves. Because of the popularity of this do it yourself project, it is important to determine if a hot pan can be placed on […]

Best Backsplash for Blue Pearl Granite Countertops

Blue Pearl granite is a blue-gray Norwegian granite loved for its beauty and durability. Blue Pearl is a finely textured granite with a bluish-gray undertone with flecks of black, white, and brown quartz crystals. Blue Pearl granite pairs wonderfully with stark white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. It also looks great with light-colored wood cabinetry […]

How Long Do Granite Countertops Last?

If you have ever had to choose a countertop material, you understand how perplexing it can be. You want a countertop surface that is beautiful, functional, and long lasting. So just how long do granite countertops last? We have the answer for you as well as how to keep them looking great for many years […]

Are Granite Countertops Radioactive?

Man has been using granite and other natural stones for thousands of years to erect statues and build buildings. However, occasionally we get asked the question, "Are granite countertops radioactive?" Usually, this question stems from a homeowner who has watched a video that shows an individual waving a Geiger counter near a stone countertop. We […]

How to Polish Epoxy Countertops

Epoxy is a durable surface; however, it is not impervious to scratches. When scratches occur, it can cause the countertop surface to lose its beautiful gloss. Fortunately, the process of polishing epoxy countertops is very easy. Our proven technique ensures you will get perfect results. In just a few simple steps you will have lustrous […]

Can You Use Epoxy Over Laminate Countertops?

If your laminate countertops have become damaged, discolored, or stained, you may be looking for an affordable way to make your countertops look fresh and new again. One of the best ways to do this on a budget is to use epoxy over laminate countertops. Epoxy coatings provide you with an affordable way to revamp […]

Are Epoxy Countertops Durable

Epoxy countertops are one of the most popular countertop surfaces used in homes across America. These affordable countertops allow you to update your kitchen or your bathroom at an affordable price. Epoxy countertops are durable and beautiful. Installing epoxy countertops is a great way to improve the aesthetics of your kitchen or bathroom on a […]
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