Granite Countertop Colors: Which Is Best For You?

Granite comes in all sorts of colors, and that’s why it is so popular as a countertop. It allows homeowners with various tastes and personalities to find a granite countertop color they love for their projects.

We want it to be easy for you to find the granite color you love for your home and that is why we created this granite countertop color library that we will update as often as we can.

Find the perfect granite color for your countertop project. See a huge list of granite colors below, click the image and learn more about the specific granite color you are interested in for your granite countertop project.

You can even print the color page and take it to your granite fabricator. See also, caring for your new granite countertops. Are you considering quartz countertops? Check out our quartz brands page here.
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Viscount White Granite

Viscount White Granite

Azurite Blue Granite

Azurite Blue Granite

Delicatus White

Delicatus White Granite

Himalaya White

Himalaya White Granite

What Are the Most Popular Granite Colors

Most people choose white granite countertops, but the most popular colors are the cheapest granite colors.

What Colors Are in Granite?

Colors in granite range from white to black with just about every imaginable color featured in slabs of granite. Mother nature creates a beautiful product for our homes.

Is Granite Going out of Style?

Granite will probably never go out of style however certain granite colors always seem to dance in popularity. Uba Tuba used to be the most popular granite ever but now hardly anyone uses the stone.

What Is the Cheapest Color of Granite?

The cheapest granite colors are Uba Tuba, Valle Nevado, SF Real, Dallas White, and Luna Pearl. Uba Tuba is probably the cheapest granite in the world.

Should You Seal Granite

Yes, you must seal your granite countertops. Learn more by checking out the post: Should You Seal Granite and also check out the best granite sealers.
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