How Long Do Granite Countertops Last?

Date: October 13, 2021
Author: Jon Smith
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If you have ever had to choose a countertop material, you understand how perplexing it can be. You want a countertop surface that is beautiful, functional, and long lasting. So just how long do granite countertops last? We have the answer for you as well as how to keep them looking great for many years to come.

For thousands of years, granite has been used in civilizations around the world to build structures, monuments, and statues. Some examples include an ancient statute of King Amenhotep II, the Brihadeeswarar Temple, Mount Rushmore, and the Red Pyramid. Each of these examples has withstood the test of time; therefore, you can expect to get a lifetime of use out of your granite countertops.

Hardness of Granite

Granite is extremely hard and dense. Granite is comprised of various materials, meaning that certain slabs will be harder than others. The MOHS Scale of Hardness measures the strength, hardness, and scratch resistance of various materials. This scale ranges from 1 to 10 with 1 being soft, and 10 being the hardest of materials.

Granite is rated using the MOHS scale between 6.0 and 7.0, depending on the exact mineral makeup of each slab of granite. Because of the hardness of granite, it is less likely to scratch or crack, which can weaken the countertop and reduce its longevity.

Porosity of Granite

Granite is an extremely hard natural stone; however, it is not impenetrable. Granite countertops contain microcracks and pores that allow liquids, food particles, and oils to enter the surface of the granite and result in staining. Although these items will not affect your granite countertop's overall longevity, they can affect the appearance. Furthermore, using acidic substances and harsh cleansers can increase the granite countertop's susceptibility to breakage.

Protecting Your Granite Countertops

Because granite is porous, you will need to use a granite sealer to protect your countertop from staining and damage. When granite is not properly sealed, the granite can absorb the material resulting in a stain. Furthermore, if a liquid, food particle, oil, or other substance is allowed to remain on the countertop, it can become a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria.  Keeping your countertops sealed not only keeps them looking great, but also protects against stains and dangerous bacteria.

Final Thoughts

Your granite countertops have been around for thousands of years before they were cut, polished, and installed in your house. There are thousands of monuments, statues, and buildings made from granite and other natural stones that have withstood the harsh elements of sun, wind, sand, and rain. If granite can withstand these elements, it can withstand your kitchen.

In order to keep your granite looking fabulously, you will need to perform regular maintenance. First, make sure that you clean your granite countertops daily with a pH balanced cleaner specially designed for granite countertops. Secondly, you will need to seal your granite countertops with an advanced granite sealer that adds an impenetrable layer of protection. Finally and most importantly, enjoy the beauty and functionality that granite countertops offer.

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