Can You Put a Hot Pan on Epoxy Countertops? Expert Advice

Date: January 7, 2022
Author: Jon Smith
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Can epoxy countertops stand up to the heat of the kitchen? Although you can purchase pre-made epoxy countertops, most homeowners choose to use an epoxy countertop kit to refurbish the countertops themselves. Because of the popularity of this do it yourself project, it is important to determine if a hot pan can be placed on a kitchen epoxy countertop. Here is what we have discovered.

How Are Kitchen Epoxy Countertops Made?

Most people choose to use an epoxy countertop kit to refurbish their countertops. These kits contain a hardener and resin that are combined together to create a durable, solid surface countertop. The kit will recommend that you apply a few thin layers of epoxy rather than one thick layer. This method helps reduce the formation of bubbles in your countertop and results in a better, higher-quality countertop.

Typically, the resin and the hardener are clear, which allows you to add mica powder pigments to the mixture to create unique colorings in your countertop. Once the pigments have been mixed in, you will flood the countertop with the epoxy mixture, ensuring an even, bubble-free countertop.

Many of the formulas found online will begin to melt when exposed to temperatures exceeding 300 degrees Fahrenheit. However, due to the surge of popularity in this DIY countertop formula, high-temperature epoxy formulas have been developed. These high-heat epoxy countertop kits can withstand high temperatures for a brief period of time without scorching, burning, or melting the epoxy countertop.

Understanding Hit Temp Epoxy Countertops: Exposure to Heat

Epoxy countertops that have been created using a high-temperature formula are heat resistant; however, they are not completely heatproof. If a hot pan is placed on the countertop for a few minutes, the countertop will not be damaged; however, if you leave a hot pan on the countertop for an extended period of time, the countertop may become damaged. To help avoid damaging your epoxy countertops from heat, always use a trivet or a hot pad on your countertop to prevent scorching, melting, or burning your epoxy countertop.

Heat Resistance and High Temperature Epoxy Formulations

There are several different types of epoxy formulations on the market, which can make it difficult to choose the correct one. You want to find a formula that not only offers heat resistance but also provides you with durability and strength to keep your countertops looking amazing. Home cooks will want to find an epoxy resin formula that will withstand the demands of a kitchen. If a formula does not offer heat resistance, it should not be used in a kitchen.

Heat Resistance Compared to Hardness

When heat resistance is discussed, the next question that comes up is how hard epoxy countertops are. Epoxy countertops are extremely hard, durable, and scratch-resistant. When the countertops are properly cared for, they will provide you with many years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

All you need to do is use trivets or heat pads to avoid causing damage from heat, clean up any messes immediately to avoid staining, and avoid using harsh cleansers or scrub pads that can scratch the surface. Finally, you can bring the luster back to your countertops by applying a small amount of mineral oil to your epoxy countertops occasionally.

Final Thoughts

Epoxy countertops are a great way to bring new life into your kitchen. When using an epoxy countertop kit, your color choices and designs are only limited by your imagination. Any color combination and design can be created for a unique, one-of-a-kind countertop.

The resin and hardener in epoxy countertops kits are designed to work together to create a long-lasting, durable countertop. Although there are epoxy formulas designed to withstand high-temperature swings, it is always best to place your hot pots and pans on trivets. Placing a hot pot or a hot pan on your kitchen epoxy countertop for a moment is unlikely to cause any damage, leaving a hot pot or pan on an epoxy countertop does run the risk of marring, damaging, scorching, or burning your epoxy countertop.

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