How To Protect Granite Countertops

Date: December 6, 2020
Author: Jon Smith
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If you just purchased new granite countertops you are probably very excited to begin using them. You are also probably wondering how to protect your granite countertops from stains and chips or even heat.

Luckily for you, I have been working with granite countertops for over 8 years and have all the information for you in this article and throughout my website. I created this countertop resource for that reason.

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How To Protect Granite Countertops

  • Sealing your granite countertops will help protect them from stains and any liquid absorbing into them. Check out that link to learn all about sealing your granite countertops to prevent stains. Also, have a look at the best granite sealer here.
  • Using trivets on your countertops will keep heat from causing cracks which are already highly unlikely however it is best to avoid any possible issues so the use of trivets is highly recommended. They will also absorb any liquid if you purchase cork trivets.
  • Using cutting boards will also protect your granite countertops from potential metal scratches, stains, and possibly chipping. Here are the best cutting boards available on Amazon.

There are other ways to protect your granite countertops and we are about to dive right into that.

Other Ways To Protect Your Granite Countertops

Protecting your granite countertops is very simple if you just follow the outlined maintenance routine I am providing you. I recommend staying active with your maintenance routine and maybe even use a calendar for reminders.

Clean with soap and water, disinfect, wipe dryClean with this product , disinfect, wipe dry.Clean and disinfect under your countertop appliances, wipe dry.Remove everything off your granite countertops, clean and disinfect, and wipe dry. Do not use overnight then the next morning apply your Dry-Treat sealer.
Protect Your Granite Countertops - Maintenance Schedule

The table above is a great reference point to show you a great maintenance schedule. I like to remove everything from my granite countertops weekly to get underneath my countertop appliances where grease and liquids may be hiding. The sooner you get these spills and splatters up the better.

Another thing people often ask me: Is it ok to put a fish tank on a kitchen countertop? The answer is no. It is best to avoid anything heavy on your countertops.

Protect Your Granite Countertops After Each Meal

Most people cook and clean after but I feel like I have some late nights of work consulting with clients and I end up passing out on the couch or even on my laptop. If I cook something and it splattered there is a chance I could regret not cleaning up after cooking.

If you want to go even further to ensure you do not ever have an eyesore of a stain then it is best to clean up as you cook your meals for your family. I clean as I go but sometimes that isn't the case. We are human...need I say more.

Using Trivets To Protect Granite Countertops

I am a big believer in the use of trivets. While heat may not cause harm to your granite countertops it is still possible and to protect them I do advise you to use trivets when setting hot pots or pans down on your granite countertops.

If you are in a hurry then a moment of heat will not cause any issues but be sure to move again when it is safe. Here is a great article on the best trivets which will help you protect your granite from heat and spills.

Protect Granite From Chipping

The best way to prevent your granite countertops from chipping is to prevent it from the start. To do this be sure to choose a good edge that is less likely to chip. The quarter round edge is the best option for this and it is usually free with your granite countertop purchase.

Other edges like the quarter bevel, bullnose and anything else rounded are great to prevent chipping.

Using trivets for pots and pans can help you prevent chipping also. Have a designated place to put your kitchen tools like pots and pans so that you don't accidentally chip your granite. Be conscious and take your time when handling heavy pots and pans.

How To Protect Outdoor Granite Countertops

Using granite outdoors is amazing and I love a good outdoor kitchen but sometimes the elements cause it to look a bit dull and can cause the stone to have a rough texture.

It is important to use a good outdoor sealer that will prevent damage from the sun. You can check out the best granite sealers here but here is the best sealer for granite used in outdoor kitchens.

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It is always best to be proactive at keeping your granite countertops clean. It is also a great idea to really follow a maintenance plan and stay consistent with it. Clean up spills immediately and during food preparation and be sure to clean as you go.

Hopefully, everything in this article will help you protect your granite countertops and keep a smile on your face for years to come.

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