Types of Granite in India

Date: December 8, 2022
Author: Jon Smith
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Granite is an igneous rock that is formed when magma cools. The slow crystallization of magma gives granite its unique look. Granite is loved not only for its beauty but also for its amazing durability. When properly cared for, you can expect your granite countertops to last a lifetime.

India is one of the top ranked exporters of granite slabs and other products. India has one of the largest hubs of granite and is involved in quarrying granite, processing granite, and exporting granite, along with the supply, manufacture, and delivery of granite in both local and international markets.

India is a principal supplier of granite. North and South Indian quarries provide a plethora of colors and patterns. In fact, India has more than 200 different types of granite. The following information will explain the different colors and types of granite available from India.

What Features Do Indian Granite Offer?

Indian granite is known for its vivid colors and distinct patterns. The mineral composition in India gives its granite its unique coloration. Indian granite has visible color variation. Furthermore, it is extremely durable and weather resistant. The hardness of Indian granite provides excellent resistance to acids and abrasive materials.

The most colorful granite is found in several Indian states, including Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana. These regions' quarries are where the world's most sought after granite in the world is located.

Types of Indian Black Granite

Black granite is one of the most sought after colors of granite for kitchens and bathrooms. The top Indian black granite options are:

  • Absolute Black Granite
  • Black Forest Granite
  • Black Galaxy Granite
  • Coin Black Granite
  • Jet Black Granite
  • K Black Granite
  • Kosh Black Granite
  • Nova Black Granite
  • Pearl Black Granite
  • Rajasthan Black Granite
  • Telephone Black Granite

Types of Indian Blue Granite

Are you looking for a unique granite color for your kitchen or bathroom? If so, there are several blue granites from India that you will love:

  • Blue Dune Granite
  • Imperial Blue Granite
  • Koliwada Blue Granite
  • Lavender Blue Granite
  • Topaz Blue Granite

Types of Indian Brown Granite

Brown granite is a great option for traditional inspired kitchens and bathrooms. The top brown granite options from India include:

  • Baltic Brown Granite
  • Bash Paradiso Granite
  • Brazil Brown Granite
  • Cherry Brown Granite
  • Coffee Brown Granite
  • Desert Brown Granite
  • Guj Brown Granite
  • Icon Brown Granite
  • Ivory Brown Granite
  • Tan Brown Granite
  • Z Brown Granite

Types of Indian Gray Granite

Gray has remained a beloved neutral for several years. If you are thinking of updating your kitchen or bath, try one of these gray granites:

  • Bala Flower Granite
  • Steel Gray Granite
  • Jubilee Gray Granite
  • Colombo Juparana Granite

Types of Indian Green Granite

If you are looking to create a lush feel in your kitchen or bathroom, consider one of these green granite options:

  • Apple Green Granite
  • French Green Granite
  • Hassan Green Granite
  • Kuppam Green Granite

Types of Indian Gold Granite

Gold granite is a highly sought after granite for traditional homes and properties. The most popular gold granite colors include the following:

  • Alaska Gold Granite
  • Bianco Gold Granite
  • Colonial Gold Granite
  • Desert Gold Granite
  • Imperial Gold Granite
  • Ivory Gold Granite
  • Malwa Gold Granite
  • Sivakasi Gold Granite

Types of Indian Pink Granite

If you want a uniquely colored countertop, look no further than pink granite. There are several shades of pink Indian granite, including:

  • Chima Pink Granite
  • English Teak Granite
  • Ghiblee Pink Granite
  • Rosy Pink Granite
  • Strawberry Pink Granite

Types of Indian Red Granite

Another popular granite option is red granite. Red granite is often used in contemporary kitchens and bathrooms. Here is a list of the most popular Indian red granites on the market:

  • Alaska Red Granite
  • Asian Top Granite
  • Jhansi Red Granite
  • Lakha Red Granite
  • Mungeria Red Granite
  • New Imperial Red Granite
  • Red Multicolor Granite
  • Ruby Red Granite
  • Smoka Red Granite

Types of Indian White Granite

White granite remains one of the most sought after Indian granites available. Here are the tops ones on the market:

  • Alaska White Granite
  • Aster White Granite
  • Cara Grey Granite
  • Colonial White Granite
  • Imperial White Granite
  • Kashmir White Granite
  • Pearl White Granite
  • River White Granite
  • Sahara White Granite
  • SK White Granite
  • Viscount White Granite

Types of Indian Yellow Granite

Yellow is another unique color of granite that looks amazing in both kitchens and bathrooms. Check out these yellow Indian granite options:

  • Colonial Cream Granite
  • Crystal Yellow Granite
  • Ivory Fantasy Granite
  • Royal Cream Granite

Choosing a Granite Countertop Color

With so many color options, it can be difficult to choose a color of granite for your kitchen or bathroom. One of the best ways to decide on the best color of granite is to take a look at the colors used in your home. Most people do not even realize that they naturally lean toward one color or another.

If you have different colors in each room, determine if you lean more toward cool colors or warm colors. Examples of cool colors are blues and greens. Examples of warm colors are yellows and reds. You could also choose a neutral color like brown, white, cream, or gray; however, it is important to note that these will lean to either the cool or warm side.

If you are still at a loss on the color of countertops you need for your home, your dedicated countertop specialist can help. We will work with you to help you determine the best Indian granite countertop for your space. We will show you different color options, discuss the pros and cons of each color, and help you make the final decision.

Final Thoughts

India is the largest natural stone exporter in the world. Approximately 80 percent to 85 percent of the world's granite is exported from India. Indian granite is revered for its durability, affordability, strength, and beauty. Indian granite is available in a host of colors including black, blue, brown, green, gold, white, red, pink, and yellow.

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