Should Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops Match

Date: December 27, 2019
Author: Jon Smith
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Whether you are building your own dream home or renovating the current home you love, there are several things you must consider. From paint colors to flooring, every detail needs to be acknowledged and planned out. One thing you must think about is what material and type of countertops you will have throughout your home.

Should your kitchen and bathroom countertops match? There is really no right or wrong answer to this question because each homeowner will have a different personal style. However, many enjoy the cohesive look that matching countertops can give their home by carrying the same color palette throughout the house.

Often, it is better to consider the look and feel of the room when deciding on countertops versus simply attempting to get a uniformed look. For example, the perfect countertops for your kitchen may not work well in your bathroom. There are no definitive rules about matching your countertop hues from room to room, and many prefer not to do so.

Should Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops Match?

The countertops in your home absolutely do not have to match. In fact, many do not have matching countertops throughout their kitchen, featuring various stone countertops mixed with wooden accents. However, there are some benefits that come with using the same material countertops throughout your home.

Many opt to choose different countertops around their home because it can make the home feel more personalized. They choose the material that works best for the room and customize it to fit the overall feel they want to achieve. This gives the home a little less of a cookie-cutter, perfect look and is more comfortable and homey feeling. Another benefit of choosing different types of countertop options in your home is the savings. You can choose remnant pieces for bathrooms and other smaller footprint areas.

The Benefits of Matching Countertops in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

While there is no strict rule when it comes to countertops, there are many benefits that come with having matching countertops throughout your home.

  • If you are renovating or building a home that you do not plan to stay in forever, you can sell homes with matching countertops more easily. However, you will want to go with a more neutral stone or material to guarantee it flows well with a variety of styles.
  • Using the same countertops in the kitchen and bath can actually save you money. If you are going to do multiple rooms, some manufacturers and stores will offer you discounts when you purchase larger amounts of stone. This can be very beneficial if you are hoping to get an expensive look for a little bit less. Most of the time keeping the same material can help lower your cost but also consider using remnants in areas such as your bathrooms to save even more money. Your whole house will not match with the same countertop material but if you are using natural stone countertops you can use pieces that are leftover from other jobs for your smaller bathroom projects.

So, in addition to having a consistent look, matching countertops may help to reduce your bottom line as well as shopping for remnants! Be sure to check with your fabricator on pricing for each scenario.

How to Choose Matching Countertops for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

If you do decide to remodel the rooms in your home and are considering using matching countertops, there are some things you need to keep in mind. You want to ensure that your choice is going to make the return investment worth it in the end. Also, you want to remember that matching countertops usually means matching cabinetry and flooring.

Some things to keep in mind before purchasing matching countertops are:

The Size of the Rooms

You want to think about the size of the rooms as bathrooms are usually much smaller than kitchens. If you choose darker cabinetry or darker shades of countertops, it can make the room look even smaller. If you have relatively large rooms in your home, you can opt for darker shades with no real problem.

The Flooring You Plan to Use

If you choose the same countertops throughout, you may also want to use the same flooring. Similarly, this can save you money on your overall flooring costs because many retailers offer discounts when sold in bulk. Also, since these rooms are both prone to spills and work well with similar styles of flooring, having matching is a great option.

You will want to consider that larger tiles can make a small room look even smaller. While very small tiles in a kitchen can look odd or not flow well with the home. Also, having matching tiles or flooring throughout will require you to choose a neutral shade that can work easily in both rooms.

Lighting in Each Room

You want to ensure that no matter which countertops you use, you have proper lighting in place. Many use their bathroom vanity for makeup purposes, which requires you to have proper lighting in place. Regardless, you want the countertops to work well with the lighting choices you have.

Countertop Options Available

Of course, the biggest decision you will make when it comes to matching countertops throughout your home is the exact type of countertops you will use.

We will go into much further detail about the available options, but there are a select few materials that work best in both rooms. For example, the best option for almost any home that works in both the bath and kitchen is natural stone.

Granite is a great choice for both rooms and can create an elegant look around your home. This is also a great choice for reducing overall costs because granite is often sold at a discount when you buy it in bulk.

Choosing the Perfect Color for Both Uses

If you go as far as to have the same cabinetry and countertops throughout your home, you probably want to go with similar color schemes as well. While you can use a play on the same color palette throughout, you can switch things up for each. This can help the home flow smoothly but continue to have a specific style in each.

You will want to choose colors that work well for the room itself; for example, a smaller room should use a lighter shade. However, a darker color can work in a larger room but can create a closed-in feeling.

You want to consider a good, neutral color scheme that can flow easily throughout and then add accents to switch up the look.

Different Types of Countertops Available

As mentioned, granite is a great choice for matching countertops throughout the home, but it is not the only option.

Though it is visually stunning and durable, it can be out of the price range that many homeowners want to stay within. It truly depends on how much you want to spend and the overall look you want to achieve throughout your home.

Even those who do not want to have matching countertops in each room should learn more about the available materials and which would work best in their home. Some commonly used countertop options are:

Laminate Laminate used to be thought of as the worst countertop material but has improved greatly over the years.


You can find laminate options in a huge range of colors, patterns, and textures. The material is highly stain resistant, low maintenance, and easy to clean.


However, laminate can be difficult to use in the kitchen area because it is more susceptible to damage from heat or knives.


This material is one of the cheapest options on our list

Marble A higher-end option is a classic choice for countertops when you want an upscale look.


The problem that many have with marble is that it is much more susceptible to stains and etching than other stone options, though it does stand up well to heat.


This makes it a better option for bathrooms versus kitchens and can create an elegant look in the home.

Quartz This is often sold under the names Cambria, Caesarstone or Silestone and this material is a great alternative to marble and granite.


It is still expensive but does not require the level of maintenance and installation of the other options. These countertops are made from a combination of crushed quartz and resin that replicate the look of natural stone.


You can find that they come in a wider variety of patterns and colors than natural stone. However, they are environmentally friendly, naturally antibacterial, resistant to stains and damage, have less visible seams, and have practically no maintenance.


This is truly a great option for quality countertops at a lower price than natural stone.


Butcher Block Perhaps the best when it comes to value, the price to impact ratio offered with butcher block countertops make it a great choice. they do require regular oiling to keep them maintained in the home, but this is a relatively easy process. Other than this oiling, they can be cleaned simply with soap and water.



This is a great choice for creating a classic appearance with a warm and natural feel. They can be scratched easily and swell or contract with moisture, but these areas are easy to repair.


They tend to harbor bacteria, which requires that they are disinfected frequently, but they are often used for islands and accents in kitchen areas.  Not a great choice for the bathroom.


Solid Surface This used to be a very popular choice for countertops and can still work well today but can easily be scratched or damaged.


Solid surface countertops are made from acrylic, polyester resins, powdered fillers, and pigments. It is nonporous, which means it requires no special cleaning or sealing and is resistant to stains, mildew, and bacteria.


However, as mentioned, this material is extremely susceptible to scratches and burns which can be hard to repair.


This is a relatively low-cost option and can be installed seamlessly. Though it is used less often than in previous years, it should still be a consideration for some homes.

Granite Clearly, if you have not heard it enough, granite is still the best choice for many homeowners who find it in their budget.


It looks amazing and does not require a large amount of upkeep in an average home. if you compare it to some other natural stones, like quartz, it is more affordable.


This is a great option for both the bathroom and kitchen as it stands up well to heat, knives, water, and regular wear and tear. However, each slab can differ in appearance meaning you may not get the identical look throughout if that is what you are hoping for. The material can chip if you drop something too heavy on it which some homeowners do not like.



Hopefully after reading this article you know the answer to your question, should kitchen and bathroom countertops match. I always tell customers that whatever they want I will make happen but there are some things to consider as outlined above. This is not to make it a harder decision but if you plan to sell your home in the future, a potential buyer may not like the countertops you chose. It is wise to choose what others may like as well.

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