Should You Use Marble in the Bathroom?

Date: February 2, 2020
Author: Jon Smith
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Many people have heard that marble requires a lot of upkeep and think that it may not be an appropriate choice for bathrooms. Although you must understand how marble should be cleaned, cleaning and maintaining marble countertops is not difficult. Once you know this information, you will not have any problems with marble countertops in your bathroom.

Should You Use Marble in the Bathroom

There are two myths about marble that should be cleared up before moving on to showcasing the top marble countertops for a bathroom. First, marble is really not that absorbent and will not stain easily. Furthermore, if you choose a polished marble, the countertop will be nearly stain-proof but still can stain if not properly maintained.

The main issue that occurs in bathrooms is etching. Etching occurs when the countertop surface is cleaned with a caustic household cleaner. Choosing a pH neutral marble countertop cleaner like Weiman’s Daily Clean and Shine will keep your countertops looking fantastic without the risk of etching. The streak-free formal enhances the look of your marble countertops while protecting them from stains.


What are the Different Types of Marble for Bathroom Countertops?

Installing marble anywhere in the house creates a sense of luxurious elegance. When most homeowners think of marble countertops, they think of white marble with pale gray veins running through the marble. Although white is the most well-known color, you can find marble in a variety of background colors, including pink, blue, green, red, gray, and black marble.

There are several different types of marble on the market. Each type has its unique vein patterns, colors, and grains. These differences can impact how your room looks and feels. Our guide showcasing the top five marble countertops for a bathroom is chock full of information needed to make a wise choice on best marble for your bathroom countertops.


What Is Carrara White Marble?

Carrara White marble features a white to a pale gray background with veining ranging from light bluish-gray to dark charcoal gray. The veining in the marble is delicate and evenly spaced across the entire slab of marble. The veining on Carrara marble usually appears feathery and soft.

Carrara marble is quarried in Carrara, Italy. This beautiful marble has been used in architecture for many centuries. The Roman Patheon is one example of how well Carrara marble can withstand the elements. Carrara marble can be found throughout Italy on buildings, road signs, and more.

Carrara White Marble is often used as flooring in warmer climates because it remains cool to the touch. If Carrara marble is used as flooring in your bathroom, it is suggested that honed Carrara marble be used rather than polished marble to decrease the appearance of scratching.

Carrara marble countertops create a luxurious bathroom. The coloring of this marble looks stylish on both dark and light cabinetry. If you are looking for a timeless countertop material, look no further than Carrara marble.

As one of the least expensive types of marble on the market, Carrara marble countertops can be found in most stone yards. The average price for Carrara Marble is approximately $40 per square foot, installed. Because Carrara marble is porous, the risk of staining is increased; however, sealing with this product [Amazon link - ] reduces the porosity of the natural stone and reduce the chances of staining.


What is Statuary Classic Marble?

Statuary Classic marble, which can also be called Statuario marble, is a bright white marble with little to no color variation. The veins in Statuary Classic marble tend to be a dark gray color, resulting in a fantastic contrast of colors.

Statuario marble is quarried in Carrara, Italy. Sculptors have turned to this stunning white marble for centuries. One of the most well-known statues carved from Statuario marble is David by Michelangelo. Statuary Classic marble is highly prized and one of the rarest white marbles on the planet.

Installing Statuary Classic marble in your bathroom will instantly brighten up the room by reflecting light into the room. Statuario is considered the brightest and most reflective marble on the market. The stone is semi-translucent, feels glossy to the touch, and provides instant drama and elegance in any room.

Statuary Classic marble’s pale gray veins and bright white background works well with both black glossy and white cabinetry. Statuario marble countertops can create a Zen-like bathroom where you can unwind, relax, and de-stress. The average cost of Statuario marble is $50 per square foot, installed.


What is Calacatta Marble?

Calacatta marble is quarried in the Apuan Mountains in Italy. The white background of this marble features thick veins in either dark gray or gold. The color combination and veining are unlike any other type of white marble.

Calacatta marble features fewer veins; however, the veins contained within the stone are thick and bold, increasing the drama of the marble. Only one mine in the world has Calacatta marble, which means the marble is only produced in limited amounts. Furthermore, because the quarry is located in the mountains, Calacatta is considered a rare and highly sought after marble.

Installing Calacatta marble in your bathroom can help you keep your bathroom looking crisp and clean. Calacatta marble is easy to clean. All your countertop requires is a quick wipe down, and it will look amazing. Opt for a pH neutral stone cleaner and use a clean microfiber towel for a streak-free shine.

Calacatta marble has the unique ability to take on the characteristics of your bathroom. Whether you use cool or warm colors in your bathroom, this versatile marble countertop will take on the look. Calacatta is an excellent choice for homeowners wanting to create a luxurious bathroom. The average cost of Calacatta marble is $180 per square foot, installed.


What is Nero Marquina Marble?

Are you interested in a marble countertop other than white? If so, Nero Marquina may be the answer to your dilemma. Although marble originates from limestone and is typically white, there is a true black marble available for bathroom countertops.

Nero Marquina Marble is sometimes listed as Marmol Negro or Negro Marquina. This luxurious marble hails from Northern Spain in the Marquina region of Basque Country. This gorgeous marble has a compact fine grain with white veins running throughout the marble. The combination of black and white pairs beautifully with wood or painted cabinetry.

Spanish black marble countertops look fantastic in bathrooms. For a crisp, contemporary look, consider pairing Nero Marquina marble with pale gray cabinetry. For a traditional look, the black marble can be combined with cherry cabinetry.

Marmol Negro is a much sought after marble countertop due to its dramatic, yet elegant appearance. This black marble is easily found in stone yards across the world. Furthermore, Nero Marquina is quite affordable. You can expect to pay around $75 per square foot, installed.


What is Danby Marble?

Danby marble is quarried in the mountains of Vermont. This beautiful white marble features a soft white background with gray veins and creamy gold splotches similar to those found in Calacatta marble. This natural stone remains cool to the touch, and will simply look amazing in your bathroom.

One of the significant benefits that this marble offers is its porosity. Danby is denser and less porous than other types of marble which can reduce the risk of staining. Most homeowners choose to seal the marble as an added layer of protection against staining.

Danby marble bathroom countertops are one of the most affordable marble countertops on the market. Because it is American made marble, the shipping costs are greatly minimized. You can expect to spend around $80.00 per square foot.

Danby marble creates a crispy, clean look when it is paired with white cabinetry. In addition to this, combining bathroom countertop with gold-toned drawer pulls and knobs. Choosing this color combo pulls out the creamy gold splotches for a warm and inviting bathroom.



Caring for your marble countertops in your bathroom is not as difficult as you probably imagine. Sealing your countertops using a high-quality penetrating sealer will significantly reduce the risk of staining. Then, all that is needed to keep your countertops is a pH neutral countertop cleaner.

Marble countertops in the bathroom create a sense of luxury. Furthermore, upgrading your bathroom countertops to marble bathroom countertops can increase the value of your home as well as the enjoyment of your home.

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