Laminate Vs Granite: Which is the Better Buy?

Date: November 27, 2019
Author: Jon Smith
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Granite and laminate countertops are two of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops. The reason people choose laminate countertops is that they are cheaper than granite and there are so many options allowing them to look like granite or marble. Granite is often the most chosen material for kitchens around the world because of the durability and style it offers. When deciding Laminate Vs Granite it is important to know a few things. This includes longevity, pricing, and durability. In this article, we will tell you why Granite is the better buy for your home and why.

Laminate Vs Formica

Laminate and Formica countertops are exactly the same. Formica is a brand offering High Pressure Laminate countertops. Formica makes and uses laminate to create the Formica brand laminate countertop. Formica was founded in 1913 by its founders. By the 1930's they were in the business of making designed mica plastics. Formica has over 200 colors to choose from. They are the number one brand for laminate countertops.

Laminate Vs Granite: Durability

Laminate is definitely durable but it does not offer durability as a granite countertop would. If you spill water or any other liquid you will notice that the particle wood that is below the laminate layer will start to break out. If this liquid is spilled over a seam it will begin breaking out through your seam causing small pieces of particle wood to be visible on your countertops. Over time these seams will have higher and lower areas and eventually chip away. This fault line will gradually get worse and then you are left with an eyesore in your kitchen.

Granite is very durable and spills really do not affect the material. Sealing granite is required but this is just one time per year and takes about 15 minutes to complete. Not too bad if you ask me. Seams will not break out due to liquid soaking through and chips of wood aren't ever going to be present because granite is not made of wood. Granite can chip however, it is very easy to fix a granite chip and any local granite company can provide this service to you at a minimal cost. Typically about $150 for the fix.

Durability Winner: Granite

For durability, granite is the clear winner. I prefer not to have wood particles dusting around on my countertop and potentially getting into my food. Mold and mildew growth is a factor to consider as moist wood is a bacteria breeding ground. If you are looking for the more durable option for laminate vs granite then go with granite.

Laminate is definitely a great option in the durability contest and could last a long time if it is taken care of and spills are cleaned up almost immediately. Try to put your sink at a minimum of 3 feet away from any seams. This will increase the overall lifespan of your laminate countertops.

Laminate Vs Granite: Cost 

Laminate Countertops Cost

We all know that laminate countertops are the cheaper option here but did you ever think to consider the fact that granite will outlive its counterpart laminate? Granite can last forever as it has already before it was even cut into your countertop. Laminate countertops are definitely cheaper but they do not last as long. This will be a waste of money in the long run because you will eventually be replacing them again in 3 to 6 years. The money wasted could have been put toward a nice granite countertop that you would not have to replace again.

Granite Countertops Cost

Granite price starts about $30 per square foot and you could completely replace your old countertops for about $2000 to $4000 if you choose a lower priced stone. You can choose a cheaper stone and still enjoy the look and style of granite. Over the years I have seen many granite kitchens and they all have one thing in common. That is they all look really good when installed. Even the lower cost $30 stones look beautiful. You just have to appreciate it as a gift from God and the Earth.

I personally had a $30 stone in my home. I owned a very successful granite countertop company and when I made my selection for my home it was a stone called Valle Nevado. This was the cheapest stone in my granite yard. I like the material and loved it in my kitchen. I made the choice, not because of price or anything of the sort. I just wanted a decent durable granite that I liked and matched my kitchen.

Cost Winner: Granite

Laminate is absolutely the cheaper option but when it comes to how long things last granite is the better buy. If you purchase laminate countertops then you are wasting money. In the long run, you will replace them again and again. Probably 3 to 6 times in your life. Why not just replace once with granite and be done with it? I choose granite because it will outlive its counterpart laminate and you will save money in the long run. Also, you can get granite countertops for as little as $30 per square foot. This is cheap if you have a small kitchen.

Laminate Vs Granite: Maintenance

Laminate countertops require almost no maintenance. You do need to know what cleaners to use to prevent dulling the finish. With a little research, you can figure that out easily. As long as you are clean you won't have to worry about that too much. Over time it will dull and that is just the nature of the countertop material.

Granite does require you to seal it at least once per year. I always recommend every six months just to be sure. If your kitchen gets a lot of use then sealing every season may be recommended. Sealing is not a difficult task but can be a bit tedious. It is a task that should not be left out.

Maintenance Winner: Laminate

Finally laminate wins something here. Laminate is the clear winner here. Maintenance is important with granite and with laminate countertops, it is almost nonexistent. If you are lazy then laminate is the winner here but if you don't mind taking care of your investments then granite could be the better choice for you.


It should be clear by now that buying granite countertops for your kitchen and bathroom is the obvious choice. Granite countertops outlive its counterpart laminate and provide a better experience and investment for the homeowner. To add to that, your granite countertops will increase the value of your home immediately.

I have been asked the question hundreds of times. Which is better Granite vs Laminate countertops? The answer will always be granite. There are definitely things to consider when making a purchase decision. A good example is a rental property. You may elect to choose laminate because you really don't know how your tenants are taking care of the countertops. Why would they care really? They don't own them.

I hope that I have helped you decide between laminate and granite. If you have anything to add to this please do leave a comment below.

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