How To Remove Etching From Marble

Date: May 17, 2021
Author: Jon Smith
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Unfortunately, marble is very easy to etch and if you don't know these important facts about marble then you may cause more damage to your marble countertops.

In this article, I will show you how to remove etching from your marble countertops and also how to prevent marble from etching.

Before we get started this is the product I use to remove etching from marble. I have used it many times with success and sometimes in worse cases no success. After trying several promising products this is the one that worked the best.

What Is Marble Etching

Etching is the effect of acidic chemicals and liquids causing a reaction in the marble's calcium carbonate makeup. If you use a chemical cleaner that is harmful then you will cause damage to your marble countertops. It is best to avoid any liquid that can cause harm to marble.

How To Remove Etching From Marble

It is best to start by avoiding this but you are likely searching for this content because you have already caused etching on your marble countertops. Here is how you can remove the etching.

Step 1: Clean your marble countertops with water and a microfiber cloth. I recommend using water that is filtered and free of calcium.

Step 2: Immediately dry your marble countertops using a clean dry microfiber cloth.

Step 3: Use this product (marble polishing powder) to buff the surface. Apply 1/8 teaspoon of powder to the area to be restored. The powder should be sprayed with water to give it a wet paste consistency.

Step 4: Use a slightly wet microfiber cloth, rub the area in a circular motion until it is completely dry. Be sure to apply some pressure.

Step 5: Now rub in a back and forth motion with more pressure until the stone surface is dry and shiny. Repeat the process if needed.

After all of these steps are completed you should apply a marble countertop sealer. to help prevent any further issues. I recommend using any of these sealers.

Removing marble etches is not that hard but it will require a little elbow grease. Sometimes the process may not work the first time so I recommend trying again before sealing your marble countertops.

Accidental Spills On Marble

It happens to us all. We accidentally spill a drink or a cleaner and it lands on our beautiful countertops. If this happens to you do not panic just get something to clean up the spill.

My advice is to use a marble cleaner to clean your countertops after a spill is cleaned up just to be sure nothing is left behind. Clean and dry maybe a few times to be sure.

What Chemicals Not To Use On Marble

I have been called many times by previous customers saying they used certain products to clean their marble countertops and now they have etching or even worse stains.

This can be avoided by not using the following products on your marble countertops:

Do Not Use Windex On Marble Countertops

Windex is not safe for marble countertops. It should not be used on any type of countertop to be honest.

Do Not Use Bleach On Marble Countertops

Bleach is far from marble safe. Do not use bleach on your countertops for any reason. Even if it is highly diluted.

Do Not Use Clorox Wipes On Marble Countertops

Clorox wipes should never be used on any countertop surface. This can cause etch marks on your marble countertops.

Do Not Use Steel Wool On Marble Countertops

Steel wool will scratch the surface of your marble. Marble is extremely soft and scratches easily. It is best to use microfiber clothes for all countertop materials.

Other Things To Avoid

This list could go on and on. I want you to know that anything that is not specifically made for marble countertops should not be used. Marble is too delicate and it can cause damage to your countertops.

Avoid Cutting Fruits Directly On Marble

You can use a cutting board for this. Some fruits can cause your marble countertops to etch and a knife will for sure scratch your marble countertops.

I recommend checking out the best cutting boards article here to see which cutting boards we recommend using.

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