How To Clean Granite Countertops

Date: January 13, 2020
Author: Jon Smith
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Cleaning countertops with denatured alcohol will give you peace of mind knowing that your granite countertops are clean and free of germs.

Denatured alcohol disinfects your countertops and should be used to clean your granite countertops after every use to keep them clean and prevent germs and other bacteria from growing in the pores of your granite or natural stone countertops.

Protecting your countertop investment is very important. Especially if you don't want to have to replace these natural stone countertops in the future. Properly cleaning and sealing your natural stone or granite countertops will prevent any damage and allow a long-lasting kitchen countertop.

What You Will Need to Clean Your Granite Countertops

Below is a list of items needed to clean your granite countertops. This is the MOST effective way to clean your granite countertops and the most cost-effective also.

  1. Microfiber Towel - These towels are the best for this task. We have tested plenty and really like these towels.
  2. Denatured Alcohol - You won't need very much but it is good to stock up so you will never run out. We recommend this amount which will last a while.
  3. Spray Bottle - We have tested many spray bottles and most will eventually stop working but this one works very well.

This task below is great for every natural stone countertop material as well as man-made quartz countertops. Remember to do this after every use and your investment will be protected.

Here is a list on Amazon with everything you need including THE BEST sealer for your countertops:

Once you have all the needed items needed for cleaning your granite or other natural stone countertops with denatured alcohol it is time to actually clean them. Below you can read exactly how to do that.

Cleaning Your Granite Countertops Every Day and Before Sealing

Step 1: Pour denatured alcohol into the spray bottle filling it up about three-quarters full.

Step 2: Add water to fill the rest of the spray bottle and give a light shake.

Step 3: Spray your granite countertops with the denatured alcohol and water mix and wipe down with a clean microfiber towel. Remember to spray and clean every inch of your countertops including the undersides and the edge of your countertops. If you have a backsplash this should also be used to clean that as well. The amount you spray is really up to you but I recommend a modest amount. Your towel will be damp after a few sprays in areas and if you have a larger countertop footprint you may need to replace the towel with a fresh clean towel and continue the process. I suggest spraying every 5 square feet about two or three sprays. We don't want the liquid to penetrate the pores too much so spray and wipe immediately.

Step 4: Wipe your countertops dry with a clean, dry microfiber towel. This will prevent water spots especially if you have black countertops or a darker-colored countertop.

Is Cleaning Granite Countertops Necessary

Cleaning your granite countertops is necessary and a requirement if you want to keep them looking nice and as new as when they were first installed. It is absolutely necessary to clean and maintain your countertops. Cleaning should be done after every use and as often as necessary. I recommend cleaning your countertops using the steps outlined above as often as you use your kitchen.

What NOT To Use When Cleaning Your Granite Countertops

  1. Do not use oven cleaner to clean your countertops.
  2. Do not use Windex to clean your countertops.
  3. Do not use chemicals that are abrasive or acidic.

Why Should You Clean Your Natural Stone Countertops

Granite, marble, and other natural stone countertops have pores that will attract bacteria or even mold. It is important to seal your countertops and keep them clean after every single use or at least once per day. This entire process should be completed before you seal your countertops also.

How To Clean Granite Before Sealing

This is easy since we covered it above. If you follow every step above you will be cleaning your granite countertops the correct way before sealing. It is important to use exactly what is mentioned above to completely clean and disinfect your granite countertops.

How To Remove Water Spots On Dark Countertops

To remove water spots on your black or darker colored countertops you will need to clean your countertops using the steps as outlined above and exactly as outlined above. The most important part of cleaning your countertops is the final step which is drying the countertops. This will prevent any watermarks from being left around. Drying your countertops must take some time and you may need to dry them with several towels to keep the towel dry for this step in the process.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes on Quartz

Using Clorox disinfecting wipes on your quartz countertop is safe. I would stay away from using this on granite countertops Use the denatured alcohol products instead.

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