Countertop Edge Profiles

The edge you choose for your countertop is probably the final decision you make when getting new countertops. Choosing the right edge for your countertop project can be a bit overwhelming. I created this page to show you a few of the most popular countertop edge profiles.

Eased Edge Countertop Edge Profile

Eased Edge – Squared Edge – Easy Edge

An eased edge is probably the most simple of edges. Some people like this edge because it is usually more squared and gives a more modern feel. An eased countertop edge profile can be slightly rounded or beveled. Different granite providers treat this a little differently so be sure to let them know how you want this edge to look.
Pencil Edge Countertop Edge Profile

Pencil Edge – Quarter Round – Round Edge

A pencil edge is one of the more popular choices for homeowners. This edge is also known as quarter round, and round edge. A pencil edge gives your countertop a nice rounded look which is stylish and helps prevent chips on your countertops better than all of the edge types.
Beveled Edge Profile

Beveled Edge – Quarter Bevel

The beveled edge is probably my favorite free edge. This edge gives your countertops a good dimension and it seems to make your countertops look thicker than they really are. Most granite providers do not charge for this very popular countertop edge profile.
Ogee Countertop Edge Profile

Ogee Edge

This countertop edge profile has no other names but it is probably the most popular paid countertop edge profile. This edge offers a high-end look while protecting your countertop edges from chips.
DuPont Countertop Edge Profile

DuPont Edge

The DuPont countertop edge profile is another edge that is typically a paid edge but it does feature a very stylish design and gives your countertops a very unique look. This edge features a squared top edge and rounded bottom half.
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