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Almost every single day someone asks me granite countertop-related questions. It never fails. For that reason, I have decided to create this page of questions asked by my friends, family, customers, etc. This page will be updated often and should be a great resource for answers to your granite countertop questions.

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Can You Set Hot Pans on Granite

Yes, you can. People often talk about this causing fractures on your granite but this is extremely rare. It is advised to use a trivet when possible but if you are in a hurry to get down a hot pan or pot then do not worry and set it where needed. Your safety is most important.

Granite at high temperatures can fracture because of a shock factor. If your home is really cold as in similar to temperatures outside during winter then do not place a hot pan on your granite. Surely you will not have a home as cold as it is outside.

Do You Have to Seal Granite

Yes, you must seal your granite. Even darker colors must be sealed. Grease stains will turn your dark-colored granite darker in some spots.

How Often Do You Seal Granite

You should seal your granite at least once per year. I seal mine every 6 months just to be sure as I use my kitchen a lot. If you aren't an avid cook then you may be able to get away with every year or every other year. Sealing takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete if done properly. This is a really easy task to complete.

Can You Cut on Granite

Yes, you can cut your vegetables on your granite countertops. Your knives will likely dull before you scratch your countertop but why would you want to cut on your granite countertop? This will hurt your knives and is not at all recommended.

Does Granite Stain

Yes, granite can stain. Please be sure to seal your granite countertops immediately before you begin using them. If your installers did not seal your granite then be sure to call them and request that they do. I definitely recommend that you seal them if you did not see them actually seal your countertop. This will ensure that you are safe. Your granite will stain and that will likely make you upset.

Does Granite Scratch

Yes, granite can scratch. Typically the object scratching your granite countertop will need to be harder than the granite countertop you have. Many people see metal transfer marks and think that their granite is scratched...this is not true. This is just a metal transfer that can be removed with denatured alcohol and granite dust. Lightly rub this dust wet from the alcohol on a paper towel until the metalmark is removed.

Does Granite Burn

No granite does not burn. Well, sort of. Hot pans are safe on your granite countertops.

Does Granite Come in White

Granite does not have a pure white color option. All granite will be infused with other colors such as brown, purple, gray, or even a cherry or red color. There are no granites in the world that offer a pure white color. Check out marble or quartz if that is your need.

What Paint Color Goes With Uba Tuba Granite

Uba Tuba granite is a darker colored stone that pairs well with white, gray, and almost any light paint color. Uba Tuba has a hint of green in the granite color and will pair well with greens and dark grays as well. White cabinets really make this granite color stand out.

Welcome to the most comprehensive frequently asked question page on the topic of countertops. I have been in the countertop business for quite some time now and have been asked thousands of questions regarding my profession. As a result I am creating page on our website to answer all of your questions no matter what stage of the remodel process you are at.

This page will be updated very often as we receive new questions that are not answered on this page. Enjoy!

What Is Granite?

Granite is an igneous rock formed under the Earth's surface. It takes thousands of years to become the beautiful countertops and sculptures we see today.

Granite is used in many building applications including: countertops, tile, sculptures, walls, floors and so much more.

Granite comes in many different colors and patterns depending on where it is quarried. There are many quarries around the world often named after the color of granite they mine and produce in their quarry.

How Much Does Granite Cost?

Depending on where you are in the world, granite usually starts at about $30 per sq. ft. and even lower for builders or contractors who purchase often. Granite prices typically increased based on color, quality, rarity, and difficulty mining. Some granite colors are very expensive due to demand and trends. A good example is the granite color Uba Tuba. It used to be so popular and very expensive and is now one of the cheapest granites on the market today.

As with anything for sale on the market, the nicer products will typically run much higher. On average a typical job with about 50 sq. ft. of countertop material will cost you from $2,000 to $5,000 depending on the stone choice. You can expect a price of up to $15,000 or more if you have more sq. ft., or if you choose a granite that is much more expensive.

Granite Countertop Cost Estimator

There are some steps to take to understand your kitchen remodel cost. Specifically for granite countertops, you will need to take measurements in inches and calculate the square footage of your project. Most granite companies go by this number to calculate your total price. The formula is really easy once you get the measurements of your kitchen cabinets.

Here is an example of a kitchen countertop layout planner. Use the grid to draw your own or pick a layout that best shows your kitchen. If you prefer, you can grab a blank sheet of paper and draw an aerial view of your kitchen just as you see below:

Kitchen Layout Planner

Now the Formula: Learn How to Calculate Square Footage

For each section of your countertops, you will multiply length x width and get a large number. This number is then divided by 144. Remember to get your measurements in inches for this formula to work.

Length in inches x width in inches / 144

If you have an L shaped kitchen countertop you will likely have to subtract the depth of your countertop on one of the length measurements, which is 25 - 1/2" standard depth for a kitchen countertop. Cabinets come standard at 24" and with your countertops, you will want a 1 - 1/2" overhang.

A vanity cabinet is usually 21" in depth or front to back. The countertop will be 22 - 1/2" deep giving you an overhang of 1 - 1/2".

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