Arabian Black Granite

Country of Origin: India

Color Features: Black

Slab Size: 130 x 75

Thickness: 2cm & 3cm

Average Price: $50 to $60 per square foot.

Other Names for Arabian Black: No other names associated.

Arabian Black Granite

Arabian Black is a beautiful granite color with a solid black background and gray speckles. Arabian Black Granite is commonly used for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, tile floors, and many other applications.

How Much Does Arabian Black Granite Cost?

Arabian Black Granite cost/price can vary. Your square footage will determine the final price of the countertop installation.

Arabian Black Granite will typically start about $50 per sq. ft. The total project price will depend on how much material you need or your square footage needed to install your countertops.

Arabian Black Granite adds great warmth to any kitchen using this material. This granite color is sophisticated and elegant. Arabian black will need to be sealed every year to prevent staining from grease and other liquids which will cause dark spots on this beautiful granite and possibly dull the finish.

Arabian Black Durability

Arabian Black granite will need to be sealed every year to maintain the sharp black color the granite features. It is highly unlikely that you will stain this black granite material, but sealing Arabian Black granite will keep your countertops looking new and prevent etching or color fading.

You can place hot pans directly on the surface of your Arabian Black granite countertops. This material is typically hard to stain since it is dark-colored in nature. There is however a chance that this material can have a grease stain which will etch the finish or cause dark spots on the granite if it is not properly sealed. Cleaning up after each meal is highly recommended with any natural stone countertop.

Arabian Black Leathered Maintenance

No matter the finish you choose the maintenance will almost remain the same. However, a honed, flamed or leathered Arabian Black granite will require sealer as it opens the natural pores of the stone a bit more than a polished finish.

Does Arabian Black Granite Stain

Arabian Black granite can stain with certain liquids. However due to the fact that it is a dark stone you will unlikely notice any stains. A grease stain could darken the surface in some areas but a red wine spill that is left will not cause any red discoloration but could cause a dark spot just like grease would cause.

Most people think that they do not have to seal black material. This is far from true. A black material will loose its shiny finish and stain. Most of the time a stain will be a dark area on your countertop. Stains from grease are the main fault of Arabian Black granite.
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