Best Granite Cleaner

Date: January 15, 2021
Author: Jon Smith
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I am going to cut straight to it today and tell you what I think to be the best granite cleaners are available. Most of these products are available on Amazon and with quick shipping.

If you have granite or will have granite it is important to understand that you MUST keep your granite countertops clean. This will add to the life of your granite sealer and will keep your countertops looking and smelling good. Who wants to cook in a dirty kitchen?

Best Granite Cleaner

I have tested a lot of products lately because of the number of emails I have gotten from you my website visitors and I wanted to make sure that I gave the best granite cleaner recommendations.

Because of all of the emails, I decided to see which products were the most popular on my website and I chose the top three products and tested them out for myself.

Typically I go for denatured alcohol mixed with water to clean my granite countertops but that isn't really the best solution as it can be a bit smelly and potent.

The best granite cleaner products I have tested and recommend are the following:

[amazon box="B01LXNUDPM,B074XJ898L,B01ENXUZ2W" grid="3"]

Granite Gold Daily Granite Cleaner

[amazon box="B01LXNUDPM" template="horizontal"]

The price is greatNot a disinfectant
No harsh smells
Works with other countertop materials
It will last a while

Granite Gold Daily Cleaner is an amazing granite cleaner. It is one of my favorite cleaners I have tried. I was impressed by a few products so I couldn't say which is the actual best because they are all great just at different price points.

Recently Granite Gold sent me all of their product lines to test out and review for you. I did just that but this doesn't affect my rating nor does this mean I was paid to do this because I was not. The product was given to me for free and I did some testing.

TriNova Daily Granite Cleaner

[amazon box="B01LXNUDPM" template="horizontal"]

The price is greatNot a disinfectant
No harsh smells
Works with other countertop materials
It will last a while

TriNova Granite Cleaner is another popular product here on my website. You guys purchase this granite cleaner often and according to you my viewers you have spoken.

During my test, I did see that this product works great and didn't cause any issues and I loved that there were no harsh smells.

Method Natural Daily Granite Cleaner

[amazon box="B01LXNUDPM" template="horizontal"]

No harsh smellsNot a disinfectant
Works with other countertop materialsThe price is a bit on the high side
It will last a while
Natural ingredients
Most popular product sold

Method Granite Cleaner is a very popular product. I know this because of the number of sales that come from my website to Amazon.

This countertop cleaner is the most purchased on my website but I had to add it last as it is the highest in price and to me that says a lot but I also wanted it to be noticed last since I do earn commissions and for my review to be honest and transparent I just felt it necessary.

This product is very good and uses natural ingredients and I do believe that to be the reason for its popularity. It is a great product and smells great too when you are using it to clean your granite countertops.

The one thing that stuck out the most to me was the fact that it smells natural and it does a great job. I want natural products on my countertops that will not harm them or hurt my family. I prepare food on my countertops so harsh chemicals are out of the question here.

How To Clean Granite Countertops

First I would like to say you should purchase one of the products listed above because they will make your job much easier and will clean your granite countertops really well.

Step 1: Wipe away all debris from the countertops using a dry microfiber towel.

Step 2: Spray one of the three mentioned products or your choice of granite cleaner on your countertops evenly. You don't need to spray the entire granite surface at once just spray the area you are working with as you move around the countertop.

Step 3: Using a dry microfiber cloth wipe your countertops dry. You may need a few clean dry microfiber cloths to get this done properly but it is very important to make sure your granite countertops are dry after cleaning. This will help prevent dull spots and watermarks.

Cleaning your granite countertops is really easy and should be done after each use or at least daily. I like to clean mine after each use or daily at the end of my day.


Do you have a granite cleaner that you would like for me to test out? Or, do you have a granite cleaner that you have been using and want to share here? Send me an email using the contact form on my website. I would love to hear from you.

Cleaning your granite is essential and should be done regularly. Get in a good routine and your granite countertops will look as new as when they were first installed for a long time.

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