Best White Concrete Countertop Mixes and More [Buyers Guide]

Date: March 1, 2020
Author: Jon Smith
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In this article, we have reviewed the best white concrete countertop products, mixes, etc. We hope that you enjoy this buying guide and find it very resourceful.

In the recent past, concrete was only associated with walls, foundations, and floors. However, it did not take long before more and more people started to realize that concrete is one of the best countertop materials in the market today.

Concrete is a durable and highly customizable material that is widely available across the world. Buyers can have their concrete countertops created in their homes, or have them pre-cast in a remote location. You will be required to get various concrete countertop supplies if you decide to go with the DIY option.

So, are you planning to create white concrete countertops for your kitchen or any other room in your home? Well, you probably do not have any idea of the required products if this is your first DIY concrete countertop project. That should not worry you, because the following is a review of almost everything you will need to complete your project successfully.

White Concrete Countertop Mixes

First, you will need to find a good countertop mix in order to achieve consistent and reproducible results. Concrete countertop mixes are available almost everywhere; you can choose to get your bagged mixes directly from a manufacturer or buy them through a local material supplier near your residence. Whichever you choose to go with, just make sure to buy the best mixes you can find. Below are some of the high-quality mixes worth consideration.

Best Concrete Countertops Mixes

Z Counterform Countertop Mix

Z Counterform is an all-in-one pre-bended white concrete designed for casting white concrete countertops. Below are distinctive features that define this particular concrete countertop mix:

•It is an all-in-one and high strength concrete countertop mix

•The mix is highly flowable and self-leveling, making it a perfect choice for both pre-casts and in-place-cast designs

•It can be cast as thin as 1 inch for countertop applications

•The mix is a perfect blend of white Portland cement, crushed marble aggregates, white sand, and proprietary mixtures to keep the concrete as white as possible while preventing any curling, deformation and shrinking.

•It uses specialized acrylic fiber network and high flexural strength to eliminate any chances of cracking

•The mix has a quick cure time, allowing grinding and polishing 24 hours later

•It has a coverage of 0.43 cubic ft. per bag


•The non-intrusive fiber system improves the tensile strength

•Impressive 9700 psi at 28 days

•Has white mix and aggregates, making it ideal for white countertops

•It works with almost all stains, hardeners and integral colors

•It is easy to mix, pour and fill due to its high flowability


Xtreme Lightweight Plus 3

The Extreme Lightweight Plus 3 comes as a solution to property owners looking for a concrete mix that will not add so much weight to their project. Also known as XS Ultra Light, Xtreme Light Weight allows buyers to create cast pieces that are not heavy or bulky. Below are key features of this dual-component lightweight bag:

•Requires to be used with Xtreme Lightweight Plus Modifier

•Each packaging bag weighs 35lb

•Each bag has a coverage of approximately 0.5 volume ft

•Has a material density of 59lbs per cubic foot


•It greatly reduces the materials and labor required in a project

•Quicker production time is achieved

•The mix is suitable for a wide range of textures and color selections

•It provides a durable pre-cast element with the least achievable weight


SureCrete XS Precast Concrete Mix

SureCrete XS Precast concrete mix is a bag of white or gray high strength mix. Using this concrete mix is very easy. You only need to add one gallon of acrylic modifier to each bag, and you are ready to go. However, you can go ahead and add color packs to add the desired color to the concrete. Below are features of the SureCrete XS Pre-cast concrete mix:

•The mix can be poured as thin as 0.5” or as thick as 1.5” depending on the user’s preference

•It cures in only 6 hours

•Each bag weighs 50lbs

•Each bag has a coverage of approximately 9.8 square foot

•Each bag requires to be mixed with 1 gallon of XS Modifier

•Each bag has a density of 126.1lbs per cubic foot

•It is available in white and gray colors. Also, the white mix can be colored accordingly


•It is user-friendly as it requires no extra procedures

•Reduces the amount of material and labor required in a project

•Quicker Production time

•Allows limitless design considerations

•Besides being used on countertops, it can also be used on furniture and many other architectural elements

•The white mix can be colored to achieve any desired color


Even though Xtreme pre-cast series was initially designed as a concrete countertop mix, it can still be put into other applications such as; residential kitchen counters, coffee table builds, dining room and breakfast tables, bath vanity tops, integrated concrete kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, standalone bathtubs, shower wall panels, custom floor panels, custom floor tiles, commercial counters, service industry bars, and architectural industry bars.

Concrete Countertop Sealers

A few years ago, property owners used to think that countertops are high maintenance and stain prone. Well, that might have been true back then, but not today. The invention of sealers came as a solution to having countertops that are stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, perfectly smooth, easy to clean and easy to maintain as well. Below are some of the most popular concrete countertop seals in the market right now.

Best Concrete Countertop Sealers

SureCrete XS-327 Concrete Countertop Sealer

SureCrete XS-327 concrete countertop sealer is a hybrid water-based polyurethane coating. The XS-327 sealer is specially designed for application over completed concrete countertops and surfaces. The concrete countertop sealer has the following characteristics:

•It is a semi-gloss formulated sealer with a slight sheen to enhance the appearance of countertops

•Has a VOC rating of 25G/L

•The solid content is 64% before dilution

•Has a pot life of 30 minutes

•Has a shelf life of 1 year after opening the container

•XS-327 is a penetrating sealer that protects countertops from water absorptions, stains, and scratches. It also provides an abrasion-resistant finish that protects the countertops throughout their lifetime

•It is highly heat resistant; can stand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit

•It is designed using low odor water-based technology and thus can be used for indoor applications that need low VOC sealers.

•Each package has a coverage of approximately 100sq. ft

•It becomes food safe upon curing


•Can be easily repaired or retouched

•It is an eco-friendly countertop sealer

•It becomes food safe upon curing, making it a suitable sealer for countertops in both residential and commercial properties

•It puts out little odor and thus can be used for residential applications

•It can be used for various surfaces other than concrete countertops


Cheng Concrete Sealer

Cheng is a concrete sealer that will work to protect the countertops in your home from inside out. This sealant penetrates deep within countertops to add extra strength and durability to the surfaces. Below are more characteristics that describe the Cheng concrete sealer:

•It is a non-toxic water-based concrete sealer

•It is food safe upon drying

•Each package has coverage of 30-40sq. ft

•It is designed using a hybrid technology that allows it to penetrate deeply into the concrete, leaving a lustrous surface finish

•Leaves a thin outer shell layer to protect the countertops against scratches, stains, discoloration, and abrasions

•The product should not be frozen, or rather used in freezing areas


•It is food-safe and thus can be used for residential applications

•Besides concrete countertops, it can be used for application on other surfaces such as furniture and sinks

•It only takes a few layers for it to penetrate deep into the countertops, thus economical

•It contains no VOCs or toxins


Tuff Duck Concrete Countertop Sealer

Tuff Duck sealer is a perfect solution when it comes to protecting concrete countertops from discolorations, stains, cuts and water absorptions. It is among the top-notch and high-quality concrete sealers that will leave your counters germ-free and immaculate. Below are more features of this product:

•Each 750 ml bottle has a coverage of approximately 45-60sq. ft

•It has no VOCs or toxins

•It is specifically designed for concrete surfaces such as sinks and countertops

•Every purchase comes with a detailed application instruction-manual

•It penetrates deep into the concrete surfaces, leaving a durable and non-porous shell

•It is designed to target moisture absorbent and germ-filled places in countertops


•It gives additional satin-like finish after the sealing

•It is food safe and thus can be used in kitchen countertops and sinks

•The application is straightforward

•It only takes 48 hours for the seal to cure


Concrete Countertop Pigments

One of the good things about using concrete countertops is that you can have them in any desired color. Thanks to the availability of concrete countertop pigments, adding some life to your countertops should never be such a huge task. Concrete can be colored in multiple ways, including; colored aggregates, dyes, acid staining, cement, and integral pigments. Below are top-notch pigments worth consideration for your concrete countertop project.

Best Concrete Countertop pigments

Vivid Acid Stain

Vivid Acid Stain is the concrete coating to consider if you wish to come up with an aged, mottled and antiqued color for your countertops. Below are distinctive characteristics that define this particular countertop pigment:

•It is available in 11 standard colors that can be used for both interior and exterior applications

•The end color results will significantly rely on the application skills, practice, and experimentation

•Each packaging has a coverage of approximately 200-300 square feet per gallon


•Has an antique marble effect on countertops

•Easy to apply and maintain

•It is elegant, durable and versatile

•The pigment is cost-effective

Additional Tips

-Do a test section to verify the suitability and appearance of the pigment before application

-When using multiple bottles of the same color, mix them instead of using one by one to ensure uniformity

-The application method used and the age of the concrete will determine the end result


GlobMarble Titanium Dioxide White Concrete Pigment

Titanium Dioxide is a dry powder that can be used to add color to concrete, plaster, stucco, mortar, countertop mix, grout, and other cement materials. GlobMarble Titanium Dioxide can also be used in the ceramic industry. Below are key features of the GlobMarble pigment:

•It is a white concrete pigment

•Each bag weighs 1kg

•It is water-insoluble, thus providing a consistent color


•It is weather-resistant

•It is odorless and can, therefore, be used for both internal and external applications

•It is non-hazardous

•It is lightfast

•Can be used on various types of surfaces


Neon Nights 3.5 OZ Phosphorescent Glow Pigment

Your search might be over if you have been looking for ways to add more art to your home. The Neon Night is a great solution for homeowners seeking to excite their children through more art and craft on their countertops. Below are features that describe this amazing pigment;

•It emits a sky blue glow in the dark after being fully charged. It can be charged under direct sunlight or any other alternative source of light.

•It can be mixed with most types of paint and binders to add a neon glow effect. This makes it suitable for various DIY art projects.

•It has been made in German with extensive care and expertise. Additionally, the pigment has been tested to verify that it meets all the required standard requirements.

•It provides a vivid glow that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. However, manufacturers advise buyers to use uncolored binders for indoor applications and solvent-based binders for outdoor uses.

•It should be used with a ratio of 1:2 when mixing with binders; 1 part glow pigment and 2 parts for the binders.


•It is easy to use

•It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications

•It is children-friendly


Concrete Countertop Polishing Kits

You definitely want your countertops to have a fine polished look at the end of your project. Getting diamond pads of the right grits will help you to achieve that effortlessly. Depending on the end product you want, you might need to implement three things at this point; grinding, honing and polishing. All three will require you to use pads of the right grits. The following polishing pad kits will come in handy to help you achieve that polished look you are dying for.

Best Concrete Countertop Polishing Kit

ibouteek Diamond Polishing Pad Kit for Granite Marble Concrete and Stone

ibouteek polishing pads are not only 100% brand new but also designed for high performance. The following features characterize this polishing kit:

•Purchasing the polishing kit involves 100% no risk. This is because Buyers can be refunded their money if not satisfied with the product. Also, they can choose to get a replacement.

•The polishing pads are of premium quality. They are made of high-quality powder and high-temperature resistant resin.

•The polishing pads operate between 2500-5000 RPM to reduce the chance of the countertop surfaces getting damaged.

•The high-grade polishing sanding discs can be used on a wide range of surfaces including curved, flat or surface edges.

•The polishing pad kit comes with various types of pads that are colored for easy identification.

•Packaging includes; 2 pads x 50, 100, 40; 1 Item x 200, 800, 1500, 3000; Item x backer pad


•The polishing pad kit has zero purchase risk

•They are easy to install and remove

•They are flexible to work with on edgy surfaces

•They are durable

•The pads are suitable for polishing both dry and wet surfaces

•The kit is ideal for both DIY users and professional contractors


Additional Tips

-For wet applications, make sure that you use a continuous flow of water at low RPM. This will not only give you the best end results but also give the polishing pad a long life.

-Wear protective gear such as an apron, gloves, and goggles when operating the grinder. Also, be sure to add a little water on the surface while at it.

QuickT PPW702E Stone Granite Quartz Concrete 4” Wet Diamond Polishing Sanding Polisher Pads Kit Tools

Quickt PPW702E is a complete concrete countertops polishing kit. The following features characterize the kit:

•The kit contains 11 pads. 1 backing pad comes with granite polishing pads

•It comes with a complete DIY guide. The DIY instruction video offers step by step instructions on how to use the items contained in the kit. Additionally, there is available customer support to answer any questions users might have during their DIY project.

•The kit set includes a wet diamond polishing pad and one backing pad holder to provide a high gloss sheen on concrete, granite, stone countertops, and marble.


•The polishing pads in the kit set can be used on multiple surfaces

•The pads provide a high gloss sheen on countertops effortlessly

•The kit set comes with an instruction manual. Therefore, it is easy to use the items


Hardin H38WVPOLSET 3/8 –Inch Radius Stone and Concrete ¼-Round Bullnose Shaping and Wet Polishing Kit

The Hardin H38WV is suitable for polishing stone countertops and profiling stone floors as well. Just like the name suggests, this polisher is made of Hardin. Below are key features of the Hardin H38WVPOLSET:

•It is a high-quality and portable single-disc polishing kit

•It is powered by a 950 watts 8.29 Amp motor

•It has a compact design with a cylindrical body

•Inside the cylindrical body is a cuboid polishing head

•An adjustable auxiliary handle is fitted on the polishing head

•The polishing disc is attached under the side of the polishing head

•It is a lightweight polishing machine. It only weighs 9.8 pounds

•The polishing disc used has a 4 inches diameter and can attain a load-free speed of 4000 RPM

•The Hardin Kit comes with both granite and marble pads. The pads give a grit value of 50-3000 grit. A buff pad of 10,000 grit is also included.

•The pads in the polishing kit have a diameter of 4 inches and a thickness of 3mm

•The granite and marble pads have a soft resin bond that allows them to release their diamond sand at the right pace when the project involves hard materials.

•The polisher is shipped alongside spindle wrench, side handle, vacuum-brazed profile wheel, and a bail handle.

•It has an electrical cord which routes power from the power socket to the polisher

•It has an electronic speed control which allows the polisher to have a consistent speed despite the load


•The Hardin has a durable outer casing that protects the inner components

•The compact, ergonomic design makes it a user-friendly polisher

•The Hardin features a well-positioned handle which allows users to have a firm grip of the polisher throughout a project

•Can achieve a glossy and high-quality finish

•Produces a perfect light finish

•The polishing kit can be disassembled easily

•It is fast and powerful

•Has a variable speed con


Choosing the Best Materials to Work With

While white concrete countertops are meant to make your kitchen or bathroom surfaces look classy, not using the right supplies can mess that up. This makes it crucial to take the time to understand the needs of your project before making any purchases. Also, concrete countertop supplies are not cheap. However, you can try and reduce the overall cost of your project by doing the following:

Plan Ahead

You do not want to wait till the last minute only for you to pay an outrageous amount of money for rush shipping. While shipping fee is inevitable for some supplies, buying them in bulk instead of small quantities will help to cut on the shipping costs. Have a plan of everything you want and have them shipped together.

Save Time

Time is money. Driving around shopping for your supplies will cost you money. Some of the supplies that you need for your project can be delivered to you free of charge. Do your research right and know what can be delivered to you at no charges. Also, it could be cheaper to pay a small delivery fee to get products delivered instead of driving across the city to get them by yourself.

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