Quartzite Colors - [With Pictures]

Quartzite colors are light white to dark bold and are extremely durable especially for kitchen countertops. Check out this article Quartz Vs Quartzite. This article will help you to understand the durability of quartzite compared to quartz.

Find a quartzite color below and click the image to open the quartzite color page where you will find more details on the colors you like.

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Infinity White Quartzite

Infinity White Quartzite Color

Antique White Quartzite

Antique White Quartzite Color

Sea Pearl Quartzite

Sea Pearl Quartzite Color

White Macaubas Quartzite

White Macaubas Quartzite Color

White Princess Quartzite

White Princess Quartzite Color

Opus White Quartzite

Opus White Quartzite Color

How Can You Tell If Quartzite Is Real

This is hard to do because you cannot just scratch quartzite slabs. Ask for a sample of the slab and try to scratch it with your car keys. If it scratches easily then it is a marble and not actually Quartzite. 

A lot of granite fabricators are either uneducated on the types of stone countertops or just want to deceive customers to get a slab sold to someone. This is bad because people are unaware that they have a Marble countertop instead of a Quartzite countertop.
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