Is Your Quartz Countertop Gritty? Here’s What to Do

Date: January 5, 2020
Author: Jon Smith
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If you bought a brand-new quartz countertop a few months ago, but you’ve already started to notice that it’s getting quite dirty in a rather short amount of time, it can be frustrating. However, don’t lose hope. There are ways to make your quartz countertop look like brand new!

So, what do you do if your quartz countertop is gritty? Some tips and strategies to care for your quartz countertop and keep it sparking include:

Cleaning Messes and Spills Thorough Washes Preservation of the Quartz
1.     Get a washcloth and wet it with warm, soapy water.

2.     Wipe down the dirty area.

3.     Rinse the countertop with clean water.

4.     Make sure to clean spills as soon as they happen.

1.     Scrape off the hardened messes that have formed on the countertop.

2.     Use vinegar to break down residue.

3.     Use specialty cleaning products.

4.     Spray the quartz countertop with glass cleaner.

1.     Use non-abrasive cleaners and tools.

2.     Don’t expose the top of the quartz countertop to high temperatures.

3.     Only install quartz countertops indoors.


These are a few methods for you to use when cleaning your beautiful quartz countertop. Read on to learn more about quartz countertops and how you can make them last a lifetime.


What to do if Your Quartz Countertop is Gritty

There are many different ways to ensure that your quartz countertop stays in tip-top shape. Some of them involve mild detergents, while others will need tools like scrapers to get the job done. Either way, these strategies are guaranteed to help rid your countertop of grime.


Wipe Down the Countertop with Warm, Soapy Water

If what you have is a basic mess, the first thing you should do is reach for a washcloth and wet it with warm water. After you’ve run it under the tap for a few seconds, add some mild soap to the washcloth.

It’s essential to keep in mind that you want to use a mild form of dish detergent. The detergents that contain harsher chemicals will end up hurting your quartz in the long run, so choosing something that isn’t too intense should be your goal. Also, warm water is better than cold water because it helps release stains more easily.


Wipe Down the Dirty Area

After you’ve got a lather, it’s time to scrub the affected area. You don’t want to approach this like you’re trying to scrub the dishes. Instead, you want a softer touch on the countertop. Keep in mind that circular motions are best for this kind of cleaning. In most cases, the mess will be cleaned up after only a few seconds.


Rinse the Countertop with Clean Water

Next, you’ll wet the washcloth again. However, this time, you’ll be wetting it with clean water. Wipe the cloth over the affected area a few times to make sure that you’ve gathered all of the residue left from the soap. Left-over soap stains aren’t the most pleasant thing to try to get rid of, so make sure all of the soap is gone.

Additionally, wiping the countertop with a washcloth with clean water allows you to pick up any remaining crumbs of food or any other solids that you may have missed.


Make Sure to Clean Spills as Soon as They Happen

As with any countertop, it’s always best to clean up messes and spills as soon as they happen. While the non-porous countertop won’t trap any messes within the quartz, you don’t want to leave them. Sometimes, the patterns of a quartz countertop may hide messes, so make sure to always check after preparing food to make sure something hasn’t snuck by you.


Scrape Off the Hardened Messes That Have Formed on the Countertop

Outside of the occasional spill, you will find that there will be gunk that sometimes ends up setting up camp on your countertop. If you notice this, clean it immediately.

To clean up hardened messes on your quartz countertop, follow these steps:

  • Begin by spraying the built-up gunk with some warm water.
  • Start chipping away at it with a plastic scraper. Make sure to use a plastic scraper instead of a metal one. The metal ones tend to scratch the surface and leave marks.
  • If the gunk is spread over a wide area, take a paper towel and soak it in hot water. Place the hot paper towel over the mess and let it sit. This paper towel soak helps to break up the gunk and make it easier to clean.


Use Vinegar to Break Down Residue

If you use your kitchen regularly, then you know that a film sometimes develops on your countertops. This film is hard to get off and using a paper towel rubs it around but doesn’t get rid of it.

If there is a residue on your countertop that you cannot get off, you should do the following:

  • Mix equal parts distilled vinegar and water in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the entire countertop.
  • Take a sponge and wipe the mess.


Using a water and vinegar mixture increases the likelihood of you mopping up all of the residues and guarantees a streak-free finish.


Use Specialty Cleaning Products

If you’ve been using a kitchen all your life, you know that, sometimes, things like chewing gum and other hard to remove items get stuck on countertops. In these cases, vinegar may not get the job done. For the incredibly tricky and sticky messes, you want to use specialty products.

A great example of a specialty cleaning product is Goo Gone. Apply the cleaner directly to the affected area. Next, let the product sit for a few minutes. Make sure you let it sit because this is a critical part of the removal. It allows the cleaner to sink into the grime. Then, with a damp cloth, rub the stain away.


Spray the Quartz Countertop with Glass Cleaner

Over time, your quartz will begin to look a bit murky. This murkiness is perfectly normal, and there’s a way that you can help slow this process down. All you have to do is take some glass cleaner like Windex and wipe the countertop down. Doing this once a month is a good rule of thumb.


Use Non-Abrasive Cleaners and Tools

Liquid detergents and vinegar are two cleaning agents that are safe to use on quartz countertops. Stronger agents may cause small scratches to form, and you don’t want to hurt the surface of your countertop. Using non-abrasive cleaners guarantees that your countertop will be clean while also preserving it.

Additionally, always use a soft washcloth to clean your countertop. Harsher scrubbing objects may cause scratches on the quartz.


Don’t Expose the Quartz Countertop to High Temperatures

When cooking, you want to avoid placing anything right out the oven onto the countertop. Quartz is not the most resilient when it comes to heat. The heat will damage the surface, and that’s the last thing you want to do after keeping it clean for so long.

So, always use a heating pad to place pans and trays on. The heating pad absorbs the heat and keeps your quartz countertop cool to the touch.


Keep These Countertops Indoors

While quartz looks amazing and will wow any of your guests, it doesn’t do you any good if you place it outdoors. Sunlight is not quartz’s friend, and it will eventually lead to cracking and fading of the beautiful surface.

It’s best to keep the quartz inside for things like kitchens and bathrooms. If you decide you still want to place quartz outside, make sure it’s under something like an awning.


In Conclusion

It is very easy to get rid of the dirt and grime on your quartz countertops. Using things like mild cleaners and paying attention to the state of the countertop should provide you with a countertop that lasts a long time. These strategies are the keys to a healthy quartz countertop!

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