14 Farmhouse Sinks that Make the Perfect Focal Point of Any Kitchen Remodelling Project

Date: March 21, 2021
Author: Jon Smith
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Did you know that the 'modern' farmhouse sink that has grown so popular lately is not a new or modern trend?

Homemakers have been using these farm sinks for a long time and for the very same reasons it's so much in demand today. 

They are perfect for huge kitchens where you need a big, deep basin to wash your dishes. With so much washing to do, the 'apron' front style is a blessing in disguise.

The sink ends up close to the countertop edge, reducing your strain while washing. Plus, the under-mount installation helps keep the surrounding counter clean, cutting down on cleaning time. 

Here are 14 farmhouse sinks that are functional in making meal prep and cleaning easier and less stressful and so attractive that they become the center of attention in your kitchen.

There's a sink for your modern, countryside, or traditional home and kitchen. 

30-inch Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

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Here is a white, single bowl kitchen sink made using 100% organic and all-natural recycled materials. It’s durably built and quite heavy; it’s safer to have some additional support while installing it. The sink includes a removable protective bottom grid and strainer that absorbs the impact of dropped dishes and prevents chipping.

The scratch and stain-resistant surface helps a lot in keeping the sink white for a long time. Thanks to its apron-front design, you know your cabinets are adequately protected from splash and water damage. 

36-inch Farmhouse Workstation Sink

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If you have restricted working space, here’s a unique sink that may be deep but uses minimal kitchen counter space. It’s perfect for any sized kitchen, with an integrated ledge that lets you slide accessories for a more efficient prep and cooking process.

The high-capacity under-mount sink itself is deep enough to hold all your soiled dishes, while its off-set drain provides for easy draining. The sink also has a useful anti-rust coating to prevent rusting, and thanks to its NoiseDefend technology, it is ultra-quiet.

36-inch Double Basin Farmhouse Sink

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The double bowl feature of this sink makes cleaning dishes easier. You can always use a bowl each for washing and rinsing dishes. It is made of solid, surgical-grade, rust, and corrosion-proof stainless steel that makes maintenance so much easy. It’s an ideal farmhouse sink that is strong and large enough for daily use.

It comes with useful accessories that minimize your cleaning time, like a scratch protector grid, colander set, and two drain strainers. 

30-inch gunmetal farmhouse kitchen sink

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Here is an interesting deep, heavy single stainless steel bowl farm sink that's well-built, sturdy, and easy-to-clean thanks to its curved apron. Black in color, it gives your kitchen the elegance it deserves.

The sink comes with a protective undercoating that is useful in preventing condensation. Installation is a breeze, and it's always better to pair it with cabinets meant specifically for Farmhouse sinks. 

32-inch copper farmhouse sink

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Do you need something that is more than a sink? Do you need something to use as your kitchen's focal point? This large copper undermount handmade sink garners attention for its looks and not to any noise.

It’s because the sink comes with dampening pads which help reduce noise.

It is made of 17-gauge pure solid copper comes with a basket strainer drain and is large enough to hold all your soiled pots, pans, and dishes. 

Reversible 33-inch fireclay farmhouse sink

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This sturdy white fireclay sink complements your white kitchen and most cabinets well. Its highlight is that you have not one but two reversible font options to choose from based on your kitchen decor while installing.

There's one side with a decorative FLUTED design and the other with a modern flat apron front.

There's enough space for both stacked dishes and for cleaning and meal prep time. The 100% nonporous glaze's stain resistance makes cleaning so easy, all perfect to use in a busy kitchen!

33-inch farmhouse sink with round apron

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Here's an outstanding quality heavy-duty double bowl made with dent-resistant stainless steel, durable enough to last a lifetime. Its excellent craftsmanship and design give it a look that suits both traditional and modern kitchen decor. The sink resists both corrosion and rust thanks to its grade satin finish.

It also has NoiseDefend technology that substantially reduces noise. The sink is easy to install, has a gently sloped bottom that prevents water from accumulating, and its gently rounded corners make cleaning easy. 

30-inch undermount farmhouse sink

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If space is a restriction; this premium quality cUPC certified ceramic basin fits most kitchens. The whole vessel sink has a modern contemporary look without any seams, which means there's no need to ever worry about leakage from seems. The smooth, nonporous surface gives the sink a glossy finish and provides for easy cleaning.

Though small, the basin is roomy and functional, perfect for most homemaker’s cooking and cleaning needs. Besides, it's reasonably priced to suit most people's pockets. 

30-inch handmade single farmhouse sink

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Here's a single bowl farmhouse basin that fits any countertop and common garbage disposal systems. It's made of stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish that keeps the sink dent, scratch, and stain-resistant. It's affordably priced, beautiful to look at, and easy to clean.

And not to forget, it comes with optimal insulation effects and a drain assembly with removable strainers. It has channel grooves that prevent water from standing, while its inclusive stainless steel dish prevents scratches.

33-inch reversible fireclay farmhouse sink

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This is a hefty farmhouse sink weighing more than 100 pounds, which will make the perfect kitchen centerpiece. Everyone will practically fall in love with this exquisite Italian-made reversible sink that retains its beauty even after months of use.

Reversible in design, you get to choose between placing the fluted side or the smooth surface side in front. The sink is easy to install and conveniently fits most garbage disposal units and basket strainers.

The price is an incredible bargain but doesn’t include any stainless sink insert. It’s wise to buy and use one for protective reasons. The sink looks even better with medium gray tone cabinets underneath. 

30-inch self-trimming undermount farmhouse sink

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Nothing makes a better statement in your kitchen than a cast iron kitchen sink. This single bowl sink is so durably built using recycled and reclaimed material. It’s designed with a guarantee to not chip, crack or burn when in use. It Is large enough for placing even your large pots and pans and safe enough for soaking the hottest roasters or cooking sheets without any worry. With the basin sloping 2 degrees towards the drain, there's no need to even worry about water pooling.

It is short, this self-trimming apron provides for convenient installation with new or existing 30-inch standard cabinetry. Its nonporous surface renders the sink resistant to food-based stains and is easily cleaned with just a soft sponge and no harsh detergents.

33-inch double bowl farmhouse sink

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Here's a stainless steel farmhouse sink that adds a modern touch to any kitchen. Its 18-gauge stainless steel ensures the sink is built for superior strength and durability. Both the bowls have a commercial-grade brushed satin finish that gives it a touch of elegance. The bowl is large enough for soaking and cleaning your large, soiled cookware. Thanks to its undermount installation, you have adequate counter space for food cleaning and prepping.

The sloped bottom and x-shape drainage grooves facilitate complete water drainage while its drainage hole fits most garbage disposal sets. 

33-inch curved front modern farmhouse sink

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Are you looking for a black sink to complement your kitchen's modern or rustic decor? This alluring black sink doesn't just look good as your kitchen's natural focal point but also feels good.

It's built of 304-stainless steel for optimal strength and durability, while its NANO brushed technology renders it highly resistant to rust and scratching.  The sink has the depth to conveniently soak all your dirty dishes and pots, and keep your counter free of unnecessary clutter.

Drainage is fast with its x-shaped diversion and gently sloped bottom design, while its exclusive bottom thick rubber padding reduces noise and condensation. Cleaning is a breeze with its R10 angle design, and installation is easy, a perfect addition to your kitchen remodeling or facelift project. 

30-inch reversible fireclay white farmhouse sink

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Here's a white hand-crafted fireclay apron front sink with a beautiful, clean and distinctive look. You have a choice of using its recessed flat and smooth side or vintage-inspired treillage as the apron front to give a traditional or modern look to your kitchen.

The sink is heavier and thicker than most brands and comes with a resilient shock-resistant surface. These features together ensure the sink has the endurance and longevity to withstand even intense use.

The sink can even safely withstand the heat of pans removed straight from the oven. Thanks to its smooth, nonporous, stain-resistant, antibacterial surface, the sink requires minimal maintenance.  

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