DIY Countertop Resurfacing Options

Date: December 2, 2020
Author: Jon Smith
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Often times you find yourself wanting to update your countertops but you don't have the budget for granite, marble or even quartz countertops so you want to find something cheaper and more of a DIY.

You have updated your kitchen flooring and replaced your appliances. Your cabinets are in great shape, but your countertops leave something to be desired.

Structurally speaking, the countertops are sound; however, they are dating your kitchen. You would love to have new countertops installed, but when you called for an estimate, you discovered you do not have enough money left in your budget to replace them. What are you to do?

Luckily, there are several ways to transform your current countertops without breaking the bank, including real stone countertops and durable concrete countertops.

The following five DIY countertop kits will transform your countertops for a fraction of the price of new countertops. Finally, DIY resurfacing countertop kits are eco-friendly because they keep your countertops out of the landfill.

DAICH Spread Stone Mineral Select Countertop Refinishing Kit

The DAICH Spread Stone Mineral Select Countertop Refinishing Kit helps you create a stone look to almost any surface, including countertops, MDF, particleboard, plywood, tile, or concrete. Unlike other DIY countertop refinishing kits, Spread Stone is stain, heat, and impact resistant. The countertop finish is mildew resistant and helps prevent the growth of mold. This amazing product is available in ten granite inspired colors, including Sundance, Ironstone, Volcanic Black, Natural White, Yosemite, Oyster, Canyon Gold, Onyx Fog, Lodestone, and Mantel Stone.

This countertop refinishing kit is epoxy free and low VOC, making it perfect for beginner DIYers. Spread Stone Refinishing Kit uses an easy roll on system. The kit contains everything you need, including the coatings and application tools.

The DAICH Spread Stone Mineral Select Countertop Refinishing Kit can resurface 30 to 40 square feet of countertop, depending on the application thickness and any surface irregularities. This beautiful countertop refinishing kit can be completed in one weekend.

CX Concrete Countertop Refinishing Kit

The CX Concrete Refinishing Kit for your countertop features low VOCs. This kit uses a cement mix to help you create a stone like finish for your countertops. The concrete countertop kit is both scratch and stain resistant. This amazing product is available in several colors, including Onyx, Cocoa Bean, Sterling Gray, Champagne, and Pearl Gray.

This concrete refinishing kit takes three days to complete, including drying time. The countertop kit uses multiple coats that must dry and set. Drying times can vary; however, it can take 12 hours for each step of the countertop refinishing kit to dry.

The CX Concrete Refinishing Kit’s topcoat is FDA compliant and food safe, making it a great option for kitchen countertops. No special tools are needed, and the process is perfect for beginner DIYers.

Giani Countertop Paint Kit

If you can paint, you can use the Giani Countertop Paint Kit. Giani paint kit contains everything you need to create an amazing faux stone countertop in just one day. Giani is available in a number of faux finishes, including butcher block, Bombay Black, Sicilian Sand, Chocolate Brown, White Diamond, and Slate. Whether you want to create a marble look countertop, a granite look countertop, or a butcher block look countertop, the Giani paint kit has you covered.

Unlike other refinishing options, this paint kit can be completed from start to finish in one day. Each paint kit covers approximately 35 square feet. The paint used in Giani countertop kits is lead-free, water-based paints and costs approximately $80 per kit.

Giani Countertop Paint Kit may not be able to withstand the demands of a hardworking kitchen. If you plan to use this transformation kit in your kitchen, you may want to apply an epoxy topcoat to help reduce the risk of scratches or damage.

Countertop Transformations

Countertop Transformations by Rust Oleum uses decorative chips to create a texturized stone like finish on your countertop surface. The kit comes with an adhesive base coat, a wetting agent, decorative color chips, and two part topcoat. In addition to this, you will receive an instruction DVD, printed instructions, and all the tools that you need to complete your weekend countertop transformation. Rust Oleum Countertop Transformations is available in four colors, including Charcoal, Java Stone, Onyx, and Desert Sand.

In just one weekend, you can transform your entire kitchen from drab to fab. Rust Oleum offers two different sized kits, including a 30 square foot kit and a 50 square foot kit. The 30 square foot kit will transform approximately 12 linear feet of countertops and costs approximately $170. The 50 square foot kit will transform approximately 20 linear feet of countertops and costs approximately $200.

Rust Oleum Countertop Transformations kits help you create professional looking results that will provide you years of enjoyment. The durable finish will not dull or fade. The two part protective top coat creates a stain and water resistant protective barrier to ensure your countertops remain looking beautiful.

Armor Granite Countertop Refinishing Kit

From the makers of Armor Garage comes Armor Granite, a kitchen countertop refinishing kit that gives you the look of granite at a fraction of the cost of real granite. Armor Granite Countertop Epoxy Coating features microscopic metal droplets that are embedded in its epoxy. When the product is applied, the droplets spread out reminiscent of granite, creating an amazing countertop.

Armor Granite is available in 13 color options. Each kit covers up to 50 square feet on nonporous, smooth surfaces. You will need more product for porous or irregular surfaces. The average cost of Armor Granite Kitchen Countertop Refinishing Kits is $349.00.

This expert formulation dries super hard and is heat resistant up to 200 degrees. The formula will not wear, crack, yellow, or fade. Within one weekend, you can transform your kitchen countertops.

How to Keep Your Countertops Looking Amazing

To help protect your refinished countertops, always use a cutting board when cutting and prepping food items. A trivet or hot pad should be used to protect your countertop surface from discoloration or damage. Wipe your countertops daily with a damp cloth and dry with a soft, lint-free towel.


If your current countertops are ugly and outdated, but you don’t have the money to replace them, a countertop refinishing kit can transform your kitchen for a fraction of the cost. All you need is some elbow grease and a free weekend to create countertops that look like natural stone.

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