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Dekton Fabricators

If you are in love with the amazing Dekton product then you are probably interested in locating a Dekton fabricator. All Dekton fabricators must go through a comprehensive Dekton fabrication training in order to even touch the Dekton product. I myself went through this training two years ago in Chattanooga, TN at my countertop shop which is how I ended up with a desk made of Dekton material.

There are some fabricators who get their hands on Dekton products through countertop businesses that have gone out of business and sold all of their materials to any buyer. This is scary because if you purchase your Dekton countertops from an unauthorized Dekton fabricator your warranty will be void or you will not receive any Dekton warranty which is not a great position to be in.


Authorized Dekton Fabricators

Before you choose a countertop fabricator or Dekton fabricator ask them to show you that they are Dekton certified. Most fabricators offering Dekton are certified but always do your due diligence. You can call Dekton or Cosentino to verify they are in fact Dekton fabrication certified.

If you want to skip the need to do your own due diligence fill out the form below and we will connect you with a certified Dekton fabricator who can help you in your local area.

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What is Dekton

Dekton is a newer countertop and flooring product on the market with incredible strength and resistance. This material is almost scratchproof and is absolutely stain proof.

What Dekton Colors Are Available

Check out our Dekton colors page here to see all available Dekton colors. Any Dekton fabricator will have access to all of the colors you may want.

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