Coronavirus on Countertops - Important Coronavirus Update

Date: March 18, 2020
Author: Jon Smith
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To all of our readers!

Cleaning your countertops should be done daily due to the Coronavirus or Covid-19! Be sure to follow this guide on cleaning your countertops here. (IMPORTANT) I recommend using denatured alcohol (this amount should last a while) to clean your countertops daily. Use a spray bottle and mix denatured alcohol with water. Fill half and half with both water and denatured alcohol or 3/4 denatured alcohol and 1/4 water. Please note: The stronger your mix the better so I personally use 3/4 denatured alcohol and 1/4 water.

Thank you for visiting our website for information on countertops. We love providing value and information on countertops to educate you on maintenance and the different types of countertops available.

Today’s post is a little different.

Please be sure to use denatured alcohol on your countertops as well as disinfecting cabinet hardware (drawer pulls) as well as doorknobs, locks, microwaves and anything you touch with a spray disinfectant. Coronavirus spreads through contact and can live on a hard surface for several days according to new information I’ve found.

Also, be sure to wash your hands as often as you can and refrain from touching your face.

The President has advised that we keep groups small and in my opinion, should be limited to individual families as in your immediate family. This will prevent the spread of the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Unfortunately, we need to stick to this until the war on Coronavirus is over and we all need to be proactive and spread the word.

I know many people are hearing different things about the Coronavirus and a lot of this information may be true or untrue. Regardless if the information is true or not we should be proactive just in case. This is not to scare you but to inform you that we really don’t know enough about this virus and we should take proactive measures to keep ourselves and our families safe.

Thank you and we pray that you and your families stay safe and Coronavirus free.



Can the Coronavirus Live on Your Countertops

There have been studies to test how long the Coronavirus can live on various surfaces. Coronavirus can live on hard surfaces and that includes countertops. All countertops can be affected so be sure to clean them regularly using denatured alcohol which is safe for your countertops. Denatured alcohol will disinfect your countertops keeping them Coronavirus free.

Is Lysol Safe on Countertops

Lysol is safe on your countertops especially if you use regular dawn dish soap to clean it right after. Be sure to dry them with a clean dry towel after all cleaning. Lysol is great to clean and sanitize your countertops and prevent the Coronavirus from living on your countertop surface.

Clean them daily and be very proactive!


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