Can You Cut on Granite?

Date: May 23, 2020
Author: Jon Smith
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Granite countertops are just gorgeous. Their classic refinement exudes distinction in a kitchenette matched with exceptional durability.

However, granite countertops require the best maintenance and are not cheap. But if you are committed to their upkeep, then a granite countertop will surely deliver that look and performance that you have always admired for many years.

This article will outline the effects of cutting on granite countertops and the right care.

Can you cut on granite?

Yes, you can cut on granite countertops. The average knife is usually made of steel which means that it is unable to scratch your granite.

Being a mineral, granite can only be marked up by another mineral. This means that you should not worry about cutting on your granite countertop. However, what you should worry about is your knife becoming blunt upon frequent cutting.

Does Cutting on Granite Scratch it?

The great thing with granite apart from its uniqueness and beauty is that it is incredibly strong and also a durable material.

Actually, it’s harder than the knife. Therefore while you can safely cut directly on a granite surface, unless you wish to continuously replace your knife, it is advisable to make use of a cutting board.

A quick chop here and there, will not necessarily wear out your granite countertops. However, in extreme cutting, as much as the granite has the ability to withstand scratches and other factors, it will certainly start to wear off something that also applies to your expensive knives. The granite being your investment, you have to make sure proper care is outlined to make it last for a lifetime.

4 Ways Granite Can Be Damaged

Granite is long-lasting it is also not impervious to damages. Some granite worktop damage forms are extra common than others. However all damages can be as a result of cutting or mishaps. Here are four common granite countertops damages together with tips on how to prevent them.


Granite has a very high resistibility when it comes to stains but even water can still result in temporary discoloration if allowed to soak. Any liquid that penetrates the granite has the ability of leaving stains particularly oils, wine, and fruit juice. The good thing however, is that oil stains can be removed with homemade pastes including acetone and baking soda.

To prevent granite staining, always ensure you frequently seal your granite with high-quality granite sealers. This will act as a barrier against all liquids. Also remember to wipe off any spills as soon as possible.


Only a natural stone that is harder than the granite can scratch it. This includes precious jewels such as topaz and sapphire. While scratching is not a major concern in granite countertops, avoid sliding your precious stones rings along the countertop.


It’s extremely unlikely for granite to crack under normal use. Most of the granite cracks are usually a result of poor installation or fabrication. Nonetheless, it is likely to cause stress fractures and cracks by stepping on your granite worktop or in rare cases placing extremely hot pans or objects on the granite surface.

To prevent the possibility of cracks in your granite worktop, make sure you hire a professional with the best granite installation experience.


A hazy or cloudy appearance on your granite counters is typically not the result of actual damage. The cloudiness usually arises due to the application of the wrong cleaning agents may it be acidic or abrasive. Cleaning the granite surface with soap can also leave a soap layer film making the worktop appear dull.

To prevent such an issue, always use high-quality granite cleaning materials.

Granite Cutting Boards

Granite cutting boards are exclusive and very unique. Despite the fact that these boards have a higher price they have the ability of making your kitchen stand out among the rest. They are also heavy and mostly damage the knife’s blades. The granite board surface is however remarkably reliable and durable and does not absorb any odors.

Granite cutting boards come with a lot of advantages apart from their unique appeal and durability. They can also be used in serving food.

Will Cutting Lemon and Other Acidic Foods Damage the Granite?

Many homeowners prize granite countertops due to its top-of-the-line look and also durability. Despite its durability, granite is some-how porous and needs special care in order to maintain its charm over a long period.

Since granite contains different minerals which include calcite particularly if the countertops are made of limestone or marble. Calcite on the hand reacts very negatively with acidic foods such as oranges and lemons causing dark sports or dulling.

To ensure that the granite is not affected when cutting a lemon or orange, apply a commercial sealer on the granite countertop. You can also resort to cutting boards when preparing acidic foods while placing coasters under the glasses. Also avoid cleaning products containing lemon juice.

Will Cutting Vegetables on Granite Affect It?

Many people believe that granite worktops are just indestructible. However despite the fact that they are durable, certain activities will in the end lead to scratches on the granite.

Cutting your vegetables 5 to 10 times along the same place will surely not be a problem. However, long term constant vegetable cutting along a single area will leave scratches on the granite countertop.

The best option is to use a chopping board. The chopping board will not only protect your granite but also your expensive knives.

The chopping board also goes a long way in ensuring that the granite’s sealer is not ruined while cutting therefore leaving your countertops shiny and looking new for the longest time possible.


Granite countertops have for a long time dominated the building industry when it comes to quality and durable kitchen countertops. However, their durability feature does not necessarily mean that they should be subjected to all kinds of improper use. This can easily lead to the deterioration of your granite countertop. This ensures you uphold the right care and use of your granite countertop by not subjecting it to different cutting on granite.

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