Negro Tebas

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Brand: Silestone by Cosentino

Color Features: Black, Flecks

Slab Size: 128 x 63 Jumbo & 120 x 55 standard. Inches.

Thickness: 1.2 cm, 2cm, & 3cm

Average Price: SOON TO BE UPDATED.

Negro Tebas Quartz

Negro Tebas is a beautiful black quartz material by Silestone. This slab features a black setting with white star-like speckles. Negro Tebas is available in several sizes of flooring, slabs and more.

Negro Tebas Quartz Available Finishes

This quartz material is available in Polished N-Boost

Negro Tebas Quartz Applications

Countertops, Flooring, Washbasins, and Shower Trays.
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