LG Hausys Viatera Quartz

LG Hausys, a South Korean company, has been committed to helping families create amazing living spaces since 1947. In 2004, LG Hausys introduced its LG Viatera quartz countertops. These manmade quartz countertops contain 93 percent quartz, colorfast pigments, and advanced polymer resins for a beautiful and durable finish. LG Viatera a 15-year transferable warranty. LG Viatera’s American corporate headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia.

LG Viatera quartz is available in a variety of sizes, weights, and thicknesses. The countertop is available in two centimeters thickness and three centimeters thicknesses. Their standard size countertops are 55 inches by 119 inches. Their jumbo countertops are 63 inches by 130 inches. Standard-sized countertops are perfect for cabinetry, while jumbo countertops are excellent for large islands and backsplashes.

LG Viatera is available in a plethora of colors and designs. The company offers four different collections. The Musica collection has marble-inspired patterns in earthy tones. The Legacy line features a range of white countertops with organic patterns. The Builder line of Viatera countertops offers affordable options in the most popular color combinations for homes. Finally, the Terracota collection features warm beige, brown, and rust tones reminiscent of today’s most sought-after granite countertops.

LG Viatera quartz offers a nonporous surface for a hygienic countertop. Installers can get custom tinted epoxy to fill any seams for a seamless design. The counters do not have any surface irregularities where mold and bacteria can hide. This low-maintenance countertop is resistant to heat, stains, and chemicals and does not require any sealing.

LG Viatera cares about protecting the environment and uses environmentally sustainable materials. The GreenGuard certified company limits VOC emissions to decrease air pollution. The company has a dust collection and RCO to improve air quality., Viatera quartz complies with California’s DHS standard practices concerning chemical emissions in buildings. Each countertop is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation for food prep areas

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