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HanStone Quartz

Hanwha Group, a South Korean company, has been providing innovative design solutions for homeowners since 1952. In 2004, the Hanway Group created HanStone quartz to provide its customers with high performing, high quality, low maintenance countertop options. The company’s North American headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia. HanStone quartz counters are available in 60 colors and patterns inspired by natural stone and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

How Durable is HanStone Quartz

HanStone Quartz counters combine the strength of natural quartz with resins and pigments to create a luxurious, durable countertop. Absolutely no sealing is needed because the countertop is completely nonporous. Furthermore, HanStone countertops are scratch-resistant, hygienic, stain-resistant, and heat resistant.

HanStone Quartz countertops are six times stronger than granite countertops. The countertops feature over 90 percent mined quartz crystals. These crystals are combined with pigments and polyester resins for a beautiful low maintenance countertop.

What Thickness is Available with HanStone Quartz

The countertops are available in four different thicknesses – 1.2 centimeters, 1.5 centimeters, 2 centimeters, and 3 centimeters. HanStone is available in standard size slabs measuring 55 inches by 120 inches and jumbo size slabs measuring 65 inches by 130 inches. Each slab is manufactured to emulate the textures and colors of natural stone.

Is HanStone Environment-Friendly

Hanstone Quartz is environmentally conscious and has been awarded many certifications, including GreenGuard, for its low emission countertops.  All countertops are NSF certified and safe for food preparation areas. The Korean Foundation for Quality Sustainable Manufacturing and Low Emissions have awarded HanStone quartz this prestigious certification. The counters are also BKV kosher certified. Finally, thanks to the company’s environmental and sustainable manufacturing practices, it has been awarded the SGS certification.


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