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Windermere Quartz by Cambria

Technical Information

Windermere is a beautiful quartz material by Cambria. This slab features an Earthy color. Windermere is available in several sizes of flooring, slabs and more.


Finishes Available

This quartz material is available in High Gloss and Matte

Slab Size Available

132″ x 65.5″ Large

Thickness Available

2.0 cm

3.0 cm




Cambria Windermere Quartz


Unlike the Brittanicca series, Cambria Windermere resembles granite instead of marble when it is, in fact, quartz. It features beautiful speckles of copper, silvery gray, and gold on a beige background. If you aren’t into patterns and marble and prefer the natural look of granite, then Cambria Windermere is the one for you.

The colors of Windermere all represent luxury. With its soft and warm beige background and gold speckles, the material proves ideal as a grand centerpiece or statement piece. It screams luxury without being too overwhelming to the eyes – the cooler silvery gray splatter gives it the balance it needs.

Windermere’s look and pattern are versatile and work well with almost all neutral colors or natural wooden cabinets.

  • A beige and gold countertop pairs perfectly well with darker shades of wood like mahogany and walnut. Darker shades enhance the softer tones in the counter, adding to its appeal. Automatically, all eyes are drawn to the surface as it stands out against the background. The cozy vibe it creates is a plus, especially in winters.
  • If you want your kitchen or bathroom to look more blended and well put together, you can use blonde wood or oak-colored cabinetry with gold fixtures as well. The matching undertones of both the materials will create a neutral look, which is pleasing to the eyes.
  • To create a different look and add a bit of color to the kitchen, you can pair Windermere with a red brick backsplash and reddish-brown cabinetry. The red compliments the beige and gold, creating a unique yet well put together look.
  • For a crisper, cleaner look, you can pair your Windermere counter with all-white cabinetry. You can’t go wrong with that color combination. Add gold accents to the mix, and you have a beautiful, bright, Pinterest-worthy space.

For many, the pattern on Windermere can be overwhelming. However, when paired with the right materials that bring out the best in this granite doppelganger, you can create a beautiful living space for yourself.

With granite, you get the natural stone look that so many crave. However, no two granite slabs are the same, making interior designing a challenge. With quartz, you have a lot more creative liberty because you can customize these slabs to your living space without worrying about disrupting the natural flow of the stone’s pattern.

A Windermere slab has a lot of other desired characteristics as well:


Sealing Required No
Low Maintenance Yes
Stain Resistant Yes
Scratch Resistant Yes
Liquid Absorbent No
Abrasion Resistant Yes
Impact Resistant Yes
Hygiene Friendly Yes


Windermere is available in three thicknesses:

  • 1 cm
  • 2 cm
  • 3 cm

It is also available in two finishes:

  • Polished gloss
  • Matte

You can use Cambria Windermere as flooring, wall cladding, backsplash, desktops, or even kitchen counters. With its design and pattern, Windermere has the ability to conform to every space and role as if it were meant to be.

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