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Skara Brae Quartz by Cambria

Technical Information

Skara Brae is a beautiful light white/creme quartz material by Cambria. This slab features a light white/creme main color with warm gold, gray and brown veining. Skara Brae is available in several sizes.


Finishes Available

This quartz material is available in High Gloss and Matte

Slab Size Available

132″ x 65.5″ Large

Thickness Available

2.0 cm

3.0 cm




Cambria Skara Brae Quartz

Cambria Skara Brae is a beautiful low maintenance marble-like material that can be used as flooring, wall cladding, backsplash countertops, and tabletops. It features bold, olive green veining with subtle thread-like white and black tributaries spread throughout. Available in both high gloss and Cambria Matte finishes, Skara Brae can be a genuinely majestic addition to your home.

Skara Brae works well with both darker and lighter hues. If paired with the right colors and fixtures, it can work well with both traditional and contemporary styles. The bold veining set atop the neutral bone-white background adds a dramatic flair to the counter without being too overwhelming.

The dispersed waves travel on the white background, leaving behind wisps of olive green and gray. The effortless color transition on the material proves useful when styling.

  • You can pair it with olive green cabinetry and a gray backsplash. Add silver accents and fixtures, and you have a calm and fresh kitchen bound to inspire you for years to come.
  • By using Skara Brae, you can add a stately centerpiece to your all-white kitchen or bathroom. It can add the perfect movement to the otherwise sterile space. By adding black fixtures to the mix, you can create a beautiful, edgy look.
  • For an even trendier look, you can pair the natural stone counter with black cabinets and gold fixtures. Combine that with light oak flooring and window panels to add a little bit of light to the room. You must choose a light-colored backsplash if you want to keep the room airy and bright. Using charcoal gray or black backsplash does look edgy, but it leaves the place looking congested.
  • Skara Brae looks lovely as a double waterfall edged Kitchen Island. The waves on the material flow together seamlessly, giving it a beautiful continuity that adds to the beauty of the material. Pair your stately island with blond wood flooring and gray cabinets with black fixtures for the perfect contemporary kitchen.
  • If you want to create a traditional look in your kitchen, then you can pair the material with dark wooden cabinets and a farmhouse sink for a beautiful farmhouse look. Add an extended faucet and copper fixtures to complete the look, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.
  • Chocolate brown cabinets paired with a gray backsplash are an ideal combination to use with Skara Brae. It creates a modern yet traditional look with the perfect balance between cozy and sleek.

The color palette and design of Skara Brae are simple yet dramatic, which provides endless design possibilities. No matter what design theme you follow, we guarantee you will be delighted with the final look. With Cambria Skara Brae, you can create a unique, trendy look for your kitchen, bathroom, or office. The material will outclass all others in terms of performance and durability.

Performance Characteristics


Sealing Required No
Low Maintenance Yes
Heat Proof No
Stain Resistant Yes
Scratch Resistant Yes
Budget-Friendly No
Liquid Absorbent No
Abrasion Resistant Yes
Impact Resistant Yes
Hygiene Friendly Yes




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