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Rosedale Quartz by Cambria

Technical Information

Rosedale is a beautiful light white quartz material by Cambria. This slab features a light white main color with gray smokey veining throughout the quartz slab.


Finishes Available

This quartz material is available in High Gloss and Matte

Slab Size Available

132″ x 65.5″ Large

Thickness Available

2.0 cm

3.0 cm




Cambria Rosedale Quartz

Cambria Rosedale is another coveted item from the brand’s Marble Collection. It is a light-colored quartz material that features gray, smoke-like wisps threaded onto a white background. It is available in three thicknesses and two finishes.

  • 1 cm
  • 2cm
  • 3cm
  • High gloss
  • Matte

It is a versatile material that you can use not only as a countertop but also as a tabletop, wall cladding, flooring, and backsplash. You can create various beautiful looks with this stunning material. Here are a few suggestions:

  • In an all-white kitchen, use Rosedale as a countertop paired with black fixtures and gray vinyl flooring. With black window and door panels, you can create a muted but trendy look that is bound to induce envy in everyone who sees it.
  • Use a Rosedale countertop with black cabinetry and gold accents. Complete the look with light oak colored flooring and black light fixtures to create an edgy contemporary look.
  • You can use the material as backsplash paired with soapstone counters and concrete flooring. Pair the combination with either blue-gray or black cabinets. Adding gold fixtures can add an elegant touch to the look.
  • To create a modern yet traditional look, you can pair the counter with chocolate brown cabinets with a white backsplash. The color combination may sound unusual, but when put together, the two make the perfect duo. Adding a warm color to the cool-toned countertop creates the perfect harmony between sleek and traditional.
  • You can pair the counter with blue-tiled backsplash and gray cabinets for a fresh and airy look. Add black fixtures and gold bar stools for the perfect touch of elegance. With this look, make sure you choose either a light oak colored floor or a white marble floor so as not to overwhelm the space.

Imagine emerald green walls and cabinets with Rosedale counters and a backsplash paired with golden fixtures and gold, low hanging lights over the kitchen island. Add gold bar stools with gray covering and soft pink cushions. You can also incorporate free-standing shelves made with the same material and golden railings. To pull the look together, add an amber-colored vinyl flooring to provide a nice warm contrast to the room.

The dark green wall provides a beautiful backdrop that’s waiting to be complemented with fresh colors. Add a fruit bowl or flower pot in the room for a pop of color that gives relief from the ongoing drama without taking away from it.

Other colors that go well with the material are:

  • Olive green
  • Sea pearl
  • Yellow
  • Mahogany
  • Teak
  • Violet

If you are looking for a low maintenance and durable option for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling project, then Cambria Rosedale is the one for you.



Sealing Required No
Abrasion Resistant Yes
Scratch Resistant Yes
Low Maintenance Yes
Liquid Absorbent No
Hygiene Friendly Yes
Impact Resistant Yes
Stain Resistant Yes



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