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Brittanicca Warm Quartz by Cambria

Technical Information

Brittanicca Warm is a beautiful warm white quartz material by Cambria. This slab features a light creme main color with gray veining. Brittanicca Warm is available in several sizes of flooring, slabs and more.


Finishes Available

This quartz material is available in High Gloss and Matte

Slab Size Available

132″ x 65.5″ Large

Thickness Available

2.0 cm

3.0 cm




Cambria Brittanicca Warm Quartz

The Cambria Brittanicca luxury series offers three unique designs and color options, out of which, Cambria Brittanicca Warm provides the perfect mix of both warm and cool tones. You can use the material for countertops, backsplashes, flooring, as well as desktops. Set against a soft white background, Brittanicca Warm pairs particularly well with pastels and soft colors.

Brittanicca Warm features ashen veins with beige outlining set against a creamy white background. The veining on the material is not as bold as Brittanicca Gold and gives you a mellower warm-toned option for your house. Whether you’re thinking pearl white or wood for your cabinets, we guarantee that it will prove to be the perfect countertop choice.

The material looks like marble and adds an airy yet luxurious feel to the kitchen. It is inviting yet pristine at the same time. Adding it to your home will create a shrine-like atmosphere, which will induce a sense of warmth and calm in you.

With Brittanicca Warm, you have endless design possibilities.

  • When used as a backsplash and countertop, paired with all white cabinets and stainless steel appliances, it creates a bright yet sleek and modern kitchen.
  • Paired with oak floorings, it adds a touch of warmth while retaining the modern look and feel.
  • You can add a farm style sink with an extended faucet and combine that with sand-colored cabinets to add a bit of a country touch if you like.
  • Black cabinetry might not be the right design choice. However, you can always opt for charcoal cabinets to accentuate the charcoal speckles in your counter.
  • Natural stone backsplashes can also bring out the best in the material, creating a coherent and well put together look.

The Cambria Brittanicca series is available in three thicknesses:

  • 20mm
  • 30mm

For kitchen and bathroom countertops, the 20mm and 30mm sheets prove ideal as they require less plywood support. You can join the sheets together to create a unique pattern, or you can let the veining guide you.

If you want the look and feel of marble but do not want the added hassle that comes with maintaining the material, then choose Cambria Brittanicca Warm instead. It is the perfect, luxurious looking, low-maintenance countertop material.

You can create bespoke design features for your house with this material, such as a double waterfall edge kitchen island. This extremely durable material provides you with lots of creative liberty due to its neutral color palette and beautiful design.

A few performance characteristics include:

Sealing Required No
Budget-Friendly No
Heat Proof No
Abrasion Resistant Yes
Scratch Resistant Yes
Low Maintenance Yes
Liquid Absorbent No
Hygiene Friendly Yes
Impact Resistant Yes
Stain Resistant Yes


Some colors that pair well with Brittanicca Warm are:

  • Brick red
  • White
  • Charcoal gray
  • Dove gray
  • Camel
  • Olive green
  • Pastels

If you want to create a different look, you can also pair the material with bold blue or violet. Whatever your choice of color may be, the undertones of Cambria Britannica Warm will complement or supplement your choice beautifully.


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