Granite Gold Sealer

Granite Gold Sealer Review

I was given the opportunity to test out Granite Gold Sealer in my own home and as a self-proclaimed industry nerd, I have thoroughly tested this product on my own countertops.

Top Features Include:

Easy Application
Waterbased Sealer
Food Safe
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If you are looking for a quality product for sealing your countertops then you want to go with a product that lives up to its name.

You also want a product that is easy to use but maybe a brand that offers more than just a countertop sealer.

Sealing countertops can be a bit tedious and if you hire a professional to do this yearly, it could cost you several hundred dollars even in the thousands per year.

Why not save time and money and choose a product that works great, covers all areas of the maintenance needs for your countertops? I have just the solution just for you.

In this article, I am going to go into a deep look at Granite Gold. A company offering sealer, cleaner, and so much more.

I put the Granite Gold product lineup to the test and here is what I found.

Granite Gold Products

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I reached out to Granite Gold because their products seem to be very popular and most of my readers here on are buying this product every day.

They were kind enough to send me every product they offer from cleaner to sealer and even a few microfiber cloths that are great for cleaning, sealing, and polishing.

My goal in this article is to give you all the information you need to make a decision to trust Granite Gold with your countertops.

Spoiler Alert: The products are simply amazing and I 100% recommend Granite Gold products.

Granite Gold Sealer Review

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This is a great sealer that is sprayed and applied to your countertops. It works well for granite, marble, and all other natural stone surfaces.

Some of the questions I had in my mind as I was getting ready to test out the Granite Gold Sealer:

  1. Is Granite Gold A Good Sealer
  2. How Long Does Granite Gold Last
  3. How To Use Granite Gold
  4. Does Granite Gold Disinfect
  5. Is Granite Gold Safe For Marble

I started using this product as soon as I received it. I wanted to make sure that Granite Gold Sealer lived up to the name and claim and while I had some doubt it actually did exactly that. This is a great product and I will actually be recommending it to all of my readers, friends, and anyone who asks me what the best granite sealer is. I am asked often!

If you are the nerdy type like me then keep reading otherwise it's time for you to get on over to and purchase your very own Granite Gold Sealer bottle.

Alright for you nerdy people like me let's continue…

Is Granite Gold A Good Sealer

If you have read this far then you likely know that I am now a big fan of Granite Gold Sealer and I will continue using this product in my own home.

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Granite Gold Sealer is a great product and sealer. I recommend using this sealer in your home.

I tested this product for several weeks on sample pieces of granite, marble, and quartzite and did my nerdy tests to ensure that it actually works.

To accomplish this I actually had to start with a piece of countertop that has never been sealed before. It is almost impossible to know this so I stripped any potential sealer and started from nothing. I had a control piece that was cut from the same scrap and then I had the sample with Granite Gold Sealer used on it.

After a day the control piece was stained using red wine but the piece with Granite Gold Sealer was still stain-free.

Once I was convinced this was a good sealer I decided to leave the wine on the control piece (in a different spot of course) and the sample with Granite Gold Sealer for an entire week.

I was blown away by the fact that Granite Gold Sealer kept the liquid from penetrating and staining the pores of the granite sample. The control sample was completely dry, and the wine left an eyesore of a red stain.

How Long Does Granite Gold Last

Granite Gold Sealer lasts 12 months. Granite Gold suggests that you use their product on your countertops once per year.

The industry generally states 6-12 months; however, that varies with the porosity of the stone and how much use/traffic it experiences.

I spoke to Mike Rose at Granite Gold and this is what he said:

We consistently advise consumers to test the integrity of the seal; here’s how: 

Pour water in 3″ diameter spots around the surface and let them sit for 20-30 minutes.

If the water remains beaded on the surface, the seal is holding up.

If you notice a ring or dark mark forming under the puddle, that means the water is penetrating the stone and it’s time to reseal.

I recommend sealing your countertops every 3 to 6 months to ensure that you are completely sealed and your countertop investment is protected. Everyone uses their countertops differently and the more you use them the more you need to seal them.

I don't know about you but I don't want to replace a $5,000 countertop very often…

Does Granite Gold Sealer Disinfect

No, Granite Gold Sealer does not work as a disinfectant. If you are interested in a deep clean of your granite then I suggest using denatured alcohol but only for granite countertops. Using denatured alcohol can ruin your marble countertops because of the calcareous nature of marble.

MicroGold Multi-Action Disinfectant Antimicrobial Spray not only disinfects but also kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria – and that includes the virus the causes COVID-19.

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You can use Granite Gold Daily Cleaner also if you wish. I have not had a chance to actually use this product in a testing environment but I think that it is a great product from a short test I did do.


Is Granite Gold Sealer Safe For Marble

Granite Gold Sealer is safe for marble countertops. This is a water-based sealer and extremely environment-friendly. It is also nontoxic and food safe. That is probably one of the most important parts of this entire product review.

How To Use Granite Gold Sealer

It is now time to learn how to use Granite Gold Sealer. I am actually about to record a video demonstration so bookmark this page and check back in a few days to check out the video.

It is easy to apply otherwise and you can do this in just a few minutes on your own.

How To Use Granite Gold Sealer:

First, you have to purchase it here.

Step 1: Clean your countertops using a dry microfiber cloth.

Step 2: Use a clean dry cloth to apply Granite Gold Daily Cleaner to wipe away any spills or stuck-on foods.

Step 3: Use a new clean dry microfiber cloth to dry the countertops. You may need a few of these microfiber towels if you have a lot of counter space. Allow your countertops to dry for 20 minutes or until it is dry to the touch between applications.

Step 4: Apply Granite Gold Sealer to your countertops using the spray bottle provided in 3-foot sections at a time.

Step 4: Wipe the sealer immediately using a clean lint-free towel.

Step 5: Buff dry using a clean lint-free cloth to prevent hazing.

Step 6: Repeat this process 3 times to ensure adequate coverage and penetration. Be sure to wait 20 minutes or until dry to the touch between applications.

Granite Gold Sealer Wipes

I thought this product was genius.

I loved the fact that I could use Granite Gold Sealer Wipes to seal my countertops every month without having to go through the entire process of sealing. The wipes will help you ensure your countertops are protected until it is time to reseal.

Using the wipes is actually resealing the stone; the purpose of the wipes is to make sealing your countertops even easier.

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Granite Gold Sealer is 100% approved by as a safe and working product that you can trust with your countertop investment.

Have you used Granite Gold Sealer before? Please consider sending us an email with your review. Please also include a photo and your name and contact info.

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