Black Galaxy Granite [PICTURES AND PRICING]

Country of Origin: India

Color Features: White, Gray, Black – Fleck

Slab Size: 130 x 75

Thickness: 2cm & 3cm

Average Price: $50 to $55 per square foot.

Other Names for Black Galaxy: Black Copper

Black Galaxy Granite Detailed Information

Black Galaxy Granite is a beautiful granite color with a consistent pattern of black and copper colors. The colors on this countertop material will be flecks and blotches. Black Galaxy granite is a dark stone with a bright glimmer and is absolutely stunning.

How Much Does Black Galaxy Granite Cost?

Black Galaxy granite cost/price can vary. If you go with a slab that is honed, flamed, leathered the cost will typically increase. A standard polished slab of Black Galaxy granite will cost a couple of dollars less. Other finishes are not really common for this material.

Black Galaxy will typically start about $50 per sq. ft. and up to $55 per sq. ft. in some areas.

The total project price will depend on how much material you need or your square footage needed to install your countertops.

Black Galaxy Durability

will need to be sealed every year to prevent staining. Sealing Black Galaxy granite will keep your countertops looking new and prevent etching or color fading.

You can place hot pans directly on the surface of your Black Galaxy granite countertops. Cleaning up after each meal is highly recommended with any natural stone countertop especially dark-colored granites like this one. Be sure to wipe up any liquids as this material can cause water spots that make the black granite look dull.

Black Galaxy Granite Kitchen

Black Galaxy Granite is an excellent choice for your kitchen. It is especially good for kitchens with a warm and earthy look and feel.

How Thick is Black Galaxy Granite

Black Galaxy Granite comes in two thicknesses. 2cm which is about 3/4″ thick and 3cm which is 1 -1/4 thick.
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